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Conjure is a bow game (but with spells) inspired by Bowmaster Prelude. Use the elements to lob attacks at your enemies, summon elementals, and rock the pants off your former apprentice. Which elements you use play a big factor in your success- use the correct element to deal maximum damage. Have a fire elemental you want to make stronger? Cast some fire spells on him- just be careful not to hit the enemy fire elementals with fire spells or you'll heal and boost them!

Speaking of fire elementals, the lowest form of them is the fire pig. That is awesome, and now I want to make a game centered around nothing but fire pigs.


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lots of


i like boobs....

Awesome art, bad programming

Like I said the art is very good, so I can't bring myself to lower the score. That aside, the game is too buggy to be playable. I lost the first level because of some glitch that wouldn't let me shoot ever again, and then I click go to main menu or whatever and it just goes back to the game screen and shows the monsters standing around doing nothing.

Please get more people to test these games before release. This game could have got a much higher score if it weren't for the glitches.


So-it looks really great, I had lots of fun on Bowmaster and I thought this would have been at least equal if not greater, and I wouldn't be wrong if it wasn't for the lag I experienced-wich made even the first level a royal pain to beat, try and guess what happened when the flying monsters entered the arena... switching to low quality didn't help a tiny bit. I can't anyway give low score just for this, i know I could just switch to the easy aiming mode, but then the fun would just go bury itself... I'll try again the remote day i'll upgrade my rusty pc

needs fixing

I noticed a bug when I played this on armorgames that apparently haasn't been fixed, when you stop playing and continue a previous game the controls automatically switch to the pull and release firing system which is a pain to use when playing on a laptop using the touchpad. Had this been fixed it would've scored higher.