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Pee Fishing

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Author Comments

This game explores idea of fishing with a pee stream instead of a fishing rod. It takes it's inspiration from Candiru fish that lives in Amazon river and attacks peeing humans. The goal is simple - catch enough fish with your pee and buy a fishing rod!

1. Hold your mouse down to produce a stream
2. Wait for fish to get into the stream
3. Quickly click again to pull the fish out
4. Buy upgrades
5. Catch enough fish to buy a fishing rod


very weird but love it!

if see an ad and wanna skip it press mute.

Ok...I'm impressed

This is a 'unique' game I'll be honest. Unique because you backed it up with a link in game to a true fact. And you are right, the jump isn't all that hard to make. TO be honest I wanted to do a 5 and 10 vote but there are a number of glaring faults that need to be fixed before that will happen but I'm happy to say you have earned a 4 and 8.

1) Upgrades either don't stack or are on short timers. I personally say take out the timers. The first two for example are useful but to use the refill one you need to fish like mad and the watermelon same thing just to get a real 'use' out of them. Other wise you can really just ignore them and do fine. To make them useful instead of timers give them a permanent effect. EX: Pee amount and Pee refill are very low. Each time you buy a water melon or pills your refill speed and amount you can 'hold' increases. Thus now I will want to buy them in order to get more money. Now for others, the boat and scales should stack more but are limited to one or two upgrades. I bought the scales twice for 2 hundred and 4 hundred but I noticed that I was not getting 4 times the amount for the fish. Either mark those as bought so I know I don't need any more or let them stack. The boat the same way, either mark it sold or let it stack and the graphic change as you buy 'bigger' boats.

2) The 'gag' upgrades. The umbrella, fishing manuel, Hippy Spices, and TV: They really don't do anything but be silly. The Umbrella for example give you a pink umbrella and if you buy another one it says that you are buying two but two do not show. This upgrade can be useful for an extra thing. Since you splash you can break the game up into days to track how long it takes you to get the fishing rod and the day marked by how 'pissed on' you get. Got to go home and get washed or smell like piss all day. Each umbrella upgrade lets you get longer and longer out there before you are piss soaked. Fishing Manuel: The techs given in the maunel don't help at all, using any of them does not improve how much fish you get if you just piss in a single spot. Give the techs some use and make the manuel a single buy and accessible at any time you might have something here. TV: More than useless, change this to something useful or a gag upgrade with a very useful ability at the end of the chain. Hippy spices, just far out man. :D

The concept has merit, it truly does but it needs some help to be come a good one. UPgrade the upgrades and fix the bugs and you can have a hit on newgrounds pretty easily.

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Its Ok.

There's a bug where the fish get stuck in the water/air when you try to pull them up..

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Credits & Info

2.69 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2011
7:58 AM EDT
Sports - Other