My Weird Dream

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The artwork is intentionally simple. I really just made this for fun and not to receive any art awards. Watch this light minded or drunk if possible.

This is a dream I had last night and it was just too epic to not share with others. It features zombies, slenderman, and bears! (Oh my!)

I hope you can at least get a small chuckle from this. Even if that chuckle is deep on the inside of your cold, black, newgroundsy hearts and only surfaces as a small burp to the outside world.


I like mario. I like zombies. But slenderman?

my dream was about me talking to my little cartoonie cockroach freind and i was all like kinding when i told him to get a sandwich and then the next morning my mom brought me mail from my little buddy and it said "dear score i went and ran away to find a new home and i guess ill make paper freinds to hang out with_love little buddy" and then i quickly tryed to write a letter back but i didn,t have much time because then i woke up

My dream was terrifiying but then funny. i was like playing slender but i was collecting notes and then slendy apeared so at first i peed my pants and was like "OMG HE IS GOING TO MOLEST ME" but then i relized i had a f*cking marker in my shoe for some reson and so i like give slendy the marker and he drew a mustache on my face so then i choked him :) END

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weird dream man

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Mama Mia Slendermen in the castle oh no go tot warn the princess

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Aug 24, 2011
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