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Swap - Platform

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A multi-level puzzle game where you need to find the exit controling your character and swapping objects and floors.

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Good game

The controls don't seem to be too responsive resulting in hitting space more than once for the desired results and many deaths. You should also make an alternative control, like instead of just arrow keys let the player use WASD as well.

The music that plays is also not enjoyable and I found my self hitting the mute button very fast for its gloom noises and repetition.

With a little work on the control scheme, this could very well be a front paged game with a high score! Hope to see more from you.

it's good but...

i would suggest kindof less ofa wall glitch.atleast then i can wall jump better.

might need some

better controls, character responds a little to slow for a high speed action game.

better physics, i got the character to glitch on shifting blocks A LOT.

better defined lines. my character occasional exploded despite being clear of any blades or inside inside of any boxes.

cool idea though, just needs a little more play testing next time.


First of all People work their Ass off for A Great scored game and this was Bullshit
I agree this had its great elements but it was Repetitive And not challenging You have a excellent Game Idea but It was Glitchy And depressing looking Me myself am not a Developer But i Feel your pain Just Attempt to Get your shit Strait with this one

Not original

It´s hard to control the character and the gameplay is stolen, so it´s not a new game, just and old game with new design.