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Galactic Miner

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Diehard 5 Points

guess it!!!

Who are We? 5 Points

guess it!!!

10 phase 10 Points

see 5 phase medal description!!!

5 phase 10 Points

passed 5 phase, i think i dont need to give more description!!!

100 minerals 25 Points

guess it!!!!

500 minerals 25 Points

am I too lazy to write correct description???

Refueling 25 Points

refuel several times to unlock this!!!

1000 minerals 50 Points

just see the medal name!!!

20 phase 50 Points

same as before!!!

Dream come true 50 Points

my dream is become popular guy, how about you???

Fuel maxed 50 Points

no need to say, how to unlock this medal

Handling maxed 50 Points

max the handling, no more to say!!!

Refill maxed 50 Points

i know you must know how to get this!!!

Quick end 100 Points

make the target real quick!!!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

A cool space game, collect all the mineral and upgrade your ship.
fullfill your dream to get a huge spaceship

PS: I work on ads issue, to prevent ads issue, I disabled the ads, so please raise the rating
this game got 4 voting power, but get down to 3,8 because of the ads issue



Improve quality, other than that, marvelous game.

I like it.

I have no real constructive criticism to give. Maybe add a quality option. I like it.

What a great way to get medals!

The flaws in this game are few, they are completely weighted down by how easy it is to get the medals. Yes, that's rather shallow, but I really don't care. The game is still very well designed, especially with how slick everything moves. I was kind of hoping there would be enemies for you to fight. After a certain point, you can really just go anywhere on the screen you want to get all you need. At least I managed to figure out most of the secret medals on my own.

The meteors aren't much of a problem given that they stick out a lot. I now have more medal points than life, who at one point had the most medal points! Thank you for giving us so many aspects to just collecting gems. The best thing was probably gaining speed, because it seemed really slow at first. The sounds are great too.

This is a decent game, with pros and cons

I played this game thru to the end, meaning I got 2500+ minerals. I liked the fact that the very minerals you use to up the different stats, are the ones you need to use reach the overall goal, keeping you from finishing the game too quickly. The meteors that come down are a distraction at best, nothing too hard to avoid unless you are at the top of the screen collecting minerals.

I hope you work on the control scheme, because the mouse controls are flaky overall and don't respond to movement the way I thought they should, especially if you max out control, as in at max, the ship should be right with the mouse movement, and even at max, it trails behind it a bit and I found myself continually going off screen.

I think that to add difficulty, the closer you get to the goal, maybe there are enemies they come along and try to pick up the minerals, like ones that go straight across the screen, ones that maybe go up and down, and then have ones that go directly for the better minerals. To this, you could add guns to the mix to shoot them down.

Overall, this is a good game and it has potential to be better. Thank you for making this and i hope that you try to make this better!

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Not bad

I found myself wishing that there were guns on the ship with some enemies to shoot to keep the mining a little interesting. It would of been nice to have the option to use the keyboard for controls. Also, after finishing the game, it would have been cool to actually get a chance to fly the cruiser that I earned, instead of just continuing in the small ship. Other than that, it was a fun game and I enjoyed earning the upgrades. Good job!

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Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2011
4:41 AM EDT
Skill - Collect