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Pirate Sparrow

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Use mouse to move and shoot with your gun or hit with your sword. If you don't have enough ammo the pirate automatically switch to sword combat. Don't ever let the sea monsters touch you. Pick up the barrels for extra ammo, bullets to shoot. Sword combat is unlimited but not as effective as your gun. So be spare with ammo.

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fun for a 2-stage game. or at least that's all i can play anyway. always freezes when i try to go to the stage 3: music starts playing like it's already gone to the next stage, but it's still on the Stage Clear screen (clicking on "Next Stage" multiple times just has a cumulative effect on the music cue). looks like either a broken game or an unfinished alpha/beta?

pity, what of it was playable was fun and likeable. or maybe it was something about shooting firearms at sea turtles (not the baby ones, too cute). yeah, i'm being the devil's advocate here. or maybe i'm just trying to annoy PETA. it's all too easy, i know....

anyway, interesting music. again with the sawtooth, but at least it's quiet and low-key and doesn't overpower the gameplay or the rest of the instruments, so i could see catching the waves to this. perhaps assassincheese1 might be right that the whole boat hitbox might be a bit off, but i think it honestly seemed about right, otherwise it wouldn't be difficult enough.

that's not to mention that it does seem strange about the boss disappearing and then reappearing to give the player enough time to kill it: i did wonder what was going on there, since i have enough of a trigger finger to nail at least the first boss before it came all the way out, so the "second" reappearing looked strange until i retried the game and realized what was going on. i suppose that's something to mull over fixing if you haven't already in your more recent games. anyway....

you're too close to the target. like in some old games, you "hit" the enemy from yet some miniscule distance away. if the sword is actually intersecting the enemy instance, then yeah, you're gonna get hit. always a load of fun to get the timing right in these kinds of games, but hey, practice makes perfect, right? wish i could think of a good classic game as an example, but they seem to have escaped the chronicles of my mind. the reasons for that could be good or bad. i'm guessing the former.

I hate the fact that the whole thing (pirat and boat) is your hitbox and if you try to use the sword you get hited.


You cant even shoot the enemies that are along the top and the bottom of the screen


Very Fun