Bosses Forever

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Climb the tower and fight boss after boss to reach the top. Each boss learns from how you play, gaining new abilities and becoming stronger based on your playing style! Dash and jump to avoid attacks, or wall jump to gain an advantage. You might even try to outsmart yourself!

WASD to move, J to shoot, K to jump, L to dash. Controls are also customizable


When I play this game,feels like you create this game base on Megaman X.Am I right?

this games was terrible a waste of my time

Weird controls ruin it sometimes.

It's good, the controls work well and the graphics and music suit the game style perfectly. It gets pretty tough after round 8 or so, but it's still pretty fun to play. Got to boss 12 on first and, at time of writing only, try, so not sure if it has an end (guessing it doesn't from title though).
All in all it has good graphics, music, control and difficulty, but its learning ability seems to be what makes it great. That boss just kept on going for my ground based attack tactic...
All in all, 4.5 stars. Why 4.5? Because no game, despite how good it may be, is ever truly perfect. I'm still going to play it again though.

Oh lordy....

Fan-fucking ball tickling-tastic! The best AI system I have ever seen. The first try I would stick to the old jump and shoot tactic of avoiding his attacks by just jumping around a lot. By level 8 the boss would stay too high for me to jump to and rained down arcing attacks. On my 2ed go I kept to the walls....so then he kept shooting those balls that circled around the walls. Keep games like this (learning AI) coming it's really interesting.

I guess the only way to improve on this would be to be able to upgrade myself. shotgun or maybe a sword things of that nature.

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3.50 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2011
7:11 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun