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Bringing Back the Stars

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Evil black holes have stolen the stars from the night sky! Use the mouse to aim and fire meteors bouncing off the planets and collect stars. Use the points collected from planets and stars to buy upgrades. As you progress, black holes will try to get in your way and disrupt gravity.

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It's a mixed bag.

On one hand, it's a pretty nice idea, and the implementation isn't bad; on the other hand, there's a bunch of things that bug me about it.

The game is buggy in various ways: the shot estimator doesn't always show the right trajectory, some (?) upgrades show a cost of "UNDENED" when you go too high on them, and the game breaks in various ways if you finish and then play again.

Planet upgrades are a mixed bag; on one hand, having planets for bouncing is good, but on the other, they get in the way and block access to stars once you got more than a few upgrades. (If this is by design, I'm not sure it's good design.)

And finally, if you play for a while, it gets far too laggy. All in all - it's OK, but it could be a lot better still.

Endless game

Funny endless game. But w/o top score

Cool Game

great game, a cool description, and a game! BEST!