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Lemmings Returns

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Update December 20th 2011 - SECRET CODES:


Play the sequel: Oh No More Lemmings Returns:
www.newgrounds.com/portal /view/579063
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Lemmings Returns is a rework of the traditional DOS Lemmings from 1991. It is reinvented with simple draw and erase tools to guide the suicidal Lemmings to their freedom.

Being a fan of the original Lemmings, I created this version to be a recognition of the classic.

It has been over 8 months in development.

To get this game under 10mb, I had to cut 6 tracks from the original Lemmings soundtrack and significantly reduce the audio quality. The original stood at 14mb, and I was unsuccessful in contacting the founders for its submission.

- Press 'Esc' to go back/restart from anywhere, anytime
- Draw and erase with your standard click and drag. Use shortcuts keys 'd' and 'e'
- If you get stuck for whatever reason, right click and select 'MAIN MENU'
- The nuke button needs to be double clicked. Or, you can just press 'n'


Q: I can't select the erase or draw button sometimes.
A: Some levels you only get one tool, others, both tools. The variety ensures strategy.

Q: The Lemmings move/fall slowly, and I can't complete even the basic levels in the given time.
A: You may just be running on a machine that isn't rendering the Lemmings quickly enough. The game runs at 61fps to ensure more accurate pixel collision detection. Unfortunately the Flash Player eats through CPU like crazy. You could try updating your Flash Player, closing processes, or switching web browsers.
A2: If you switch tabs while Lemmings is running, and/or lose focus the rendering can stop, while the time resumes.

Q: What are the level codes for?
A: The level codes do not reflect the codes used in the original DOS Lemmings. They are there only for
bonus content.

Q: No speed up button?
A: Originally I developed one, but the problem was that speeding up Lemmings effected the way they reacted to their environment too much. The per-pixel collision detection depends on the Lemmings moving steadily across a bitmap canvas.

Q: Some of these levels are very difficult. Will there be a walkthrough?
A: Yes, eventually.


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great twist on the original, nice for nostalgia!

How are you even supposed to save progress. Why isn't there a save button.

nice game . unfortunately i have to play on bronte site as only the brown background appears on newgrounds portal after cuing the play icon. tried over ten times. Might be my flash player . But loaded first try elsewhere.

The MUTE function is missing!!!!
I hate flash stuff without mute function.
The game is very good, that's why I'm angry because of sounds!!!

Lemmings has always been my favourite game ever. I fell in love with these lil creatures with the green hair back in 1992. I love this new, interactive twist of drawing into the scenery. I've done all the other Lemmings games through the years so I needed something new. Good job!

Sadly, neither this one or the Oh no! More Lemmings Returns will save my progress even though the manual says it will. :( That's why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Glitch?