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Adventure Cavern WIP

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It's my new game for which I want to get feedback to make it even better. It's my tribute to Hudson's Adventure Island game, particularly AI 2 and 3 for NES. Currently I working on fixing really nasty bug (details below), then I'll take care of intro and first boss (backstory is already made, but I don't want reveal this at this point).

Button A (jump) - Z
Button B (shoot) - X
Start - Enter
Select (not used for anything yet) - Backspace
D-Pad - Arrows

You opening box with UP.

Known issues
- Game is not yet compatible with AZERTY, QWERTZ and Dvorak layouts. This will be fixed in next update
- There is really nasty bug which I fighting with which causes game freezes upon killing an enemy. This happens at random so I am not exactly sure what causes it.
- My English spelling and grammar sucks, so occasionally you may see AYBABTU-like sentences in game (not now, but in future cutscenes).

Q: OMG, first fruit killed me. Why it is so?
A: It's not fruit. You have to watch your step, even more than in original AI.

Q: Game frozen. What can I do?
A: There is nothing you can do. This is known bug with which I fight, but with little to no success to this point.

Q: Will those levels loop forever?
A: Yes and no. Yes, because this is how it's coded right now, no because after I'll get proper ending and intro sequence this "feature" will be removed.

Q: Why some boxes don't work?
A: They all work. Some just giving you additional score. I've made for them similar "pop-out" like for 1-ups, but for some reason this doesn't work correctly. Will try to fix it in future.

Q: Why there is no 1-up/death tune and why most of music (except main menu and levels 3/5) use Adventure Island 2 rips?
A: Because I am not good musician and people which I've asked failed to give music. But if you're good with Famitracker, send me PM with sample of your work and I'll contact you back.

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overworld music sounds simillar to super mario sunshine delfino plaza


I'll give you a five for reminding me of the old school NES.

I'm unsure why you lose you ability to shoot after you die. Seems kinda silly. BUT it does add to the difficulty factor so good for you.

And the first fruit only killed me twice (the first two times I tried to eat it) the next time I touched it with not ill effects.

MyCrossSoft responds:

On your place, I'd look carefully what is between fruit and tree on the ground. Just a 'lil tip.