Xiao Xiao: Dedication

July 21, 2002 –
December 24, 2015
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

Made in 2000 as a dedication to Xiao Xiao... only made for other flashkit members, but i thought i may as well let others see it... hope you enjoy


What a let down, when compared to the originals.

this is ok for a very lame version of xiao xiao :\

Dude this is nothing like Xiao Xiao, this shouldn't even be called a Xiao Xiao Dedication. 0/5 0/10

But, it's really funny when they walking and the fighting combat is a little not cool.

But, the story are really great^^

It didn't really look realistic enough for me to be believe its Xiao Xiao, I'm sorry but I didn't get into it at all. All the old ones expressed a sort of realistic style which made it famous to begin with me. But still nice job either way.

it's good.can you make another with longer battles and with more weapons and matrixes(if this is a word^_^

Cmon its so good funny and chalenging(just kiding) i liked it alot!YUP!!

It was good. The graphics were a little choppy, almost unnoticable though. I think the fight scenes could have been longer, but all in all it was good.

AWESOME x 100,000,000,000,000,000 - 1 hundred sextrillion

I'm impressed with the length. Not only did it have style, but it had all the good elements expected of a xiao xiao movie

that was a great movie. i hope u make more. =)

all nice work! good graphix too, and the style was really awsome with the boss :P could do with a few more different sounds...
it was nice to see a bit of a story again, the most movies only have a fight, u got different scenes :)
( first day at ng for me =D )

ps: next time some more humor maybe?

That was some really nice stick fighting. The graphics were really smooth. Keep up the good work.

Not bad. i like it. everything was to my liking except that the fighting moves werent exactly Xiao Xiao style but still good. Also is the main character on Speed or something? the guy is constantly shaking. But i still like it overall.

I liked the part were xiao xiao and BOSS were spinning in circles!
But 2 questions:
1.why did you make xiao xiao drop every item he attacked with?
2.At the first elevator xiao xiao looked like he was about to attack,that kinda...Reveiled the surprise.

but overall...SMASHING,AMAZING,PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a good deci, but in the end it wasn't good enough to get a ten. Another thing is that the fighting was a bit too 2d. and how is it that a black xiao xiao never dies from fallin off a building or being blown up or stabbed in the head, why is tht!

The dudes kinda walked weird and he was a bit more slower and retarded than xiao xiao, but anyways gj man.. i'll give u a 5 for tryin :P

really good i thought keep up the good work i liked all the fight scenes well done godo job

that was kool

Good on you, man!

nice one

Dude seriosly how lame can u be?

Dude, this was so crappy. I could barely watch the whole movie. So damn boring man. Nice animations but the fighting sucked ass. You need to learn how to make fights look better. Cuz you suck at fighting sequences. Seriously....just stop.

WOW great....
Hey dude if you got any time, i was just wondering if you could teach me how to do
good stick animations!
well my email is CodesMemorex@hotmail.com
if you got any time ;).


Does not compare to Xiao Xiao... but a very fine dedication ... The animation was very smooth but sometimes too quick in fighting ... like on the truck scene, when he was fighting them ... they died too quick , he only did a few punches ... need to make the enemy a tad more powerful ...


For a xiaoxiao look-alike, it's okay. XiaoXiao looks like he's had too much caffeine though. LOL

It's not a bad animation, but I bet it was a beta version. I've watched many of the Xiao Xiao animations and I never saw this. The stick characters look Jerky when they move around. Needs a bit of an intro.

It was good, like Xiao Xiao-Good. But when he met the boss and the first "hit" they had, it looked really dumb, but it was cool! And make more, i'll watch!:)

That was a great dedication to Xiao Xiao. Parts of it were kind of glitchy (and no its not my computer). Sounds were great. Fight sequences were kinda weak in some aspects. The backgrounds look great, like something really from Xiao Xiao. You guys really need to watch this. :-D

The kicks and punchs were a little weak in style. The graphics and sound were awesome. I'm not sure why his hands turned blue when he ended up kicking the guy. Overall great job.

It'z Good and all but the Fighting style was Crapy! make a better fighting style ..

Keep up the Good Work! Make more

Hey Xup, I'm impressed, you got (some) talent! Any more hidden treasures tucked away??


man that was really good dude

you have got to make more!!

I was laughin my ass off when that boss fell from the building with his retarded scream. Anywho, great movie

Hey, this is pretty cool, nice art work too. Keep up the good work ;)

That was a very good tribute to xiao xiao. Perfect graphics and nice sound. Overall excellent job!

Woo, that was quite a fitting tribute to Xiao Xiao. Everything was smooth, and the sounds matched up perfectly. Nice and action-packed. I'd even go as far to say that this was better than some of the official Xiao Xiaos.

The way this movie was done reminded me a lot of a good ol' beat 'em up video game.

If there's one complaint to make, it's the music. It got a bit repetitious there. Other than that, this was very cool.

good work it has one of the best animations i have seen

this was really good, i mean no offense but did that purple guy have a nose when he grabbed onto the truck?. o well this was really good like i said i still couldnt do half of a quarter as good as this

dude you've got the right ideas, just work on the moves, push up the framerate abit and you got a kickass movie here

mmm im gona go watch the REAL xiaoxiao.. :P

Its ok but this looks like sh*t compared to the REAL xiao xiao.

I liked the graphics and all but the fighting Choreography wasn't half as cool as the other Xiao Xaios...

Great job :) loved it all.

Do you smell poop? everyone smells poop!!!

Best. Tribute. Ever. This is better than the drawing from the xiao xiao series, but athough not as good animation, Still, it's tits. Rock on.

Although the fightin scenes are not as good as Xiao Xiao, the action part on the truck driving in the city makes the movie great. Good job!

that wuz dumb

man,this is better than the series.the truck was really cool drawed.the drawings was xiaoxiao style and this should be at top 50.great job!

this was great i don't know why anybody wouldn't like this. the truck scene was awesome. great job

couldnt hold my interest, but still well done

It's an okay flash and all, but nothing near xiao xiao's work, nice try though. Nothing too special...

omg that was AMAZING

I'm impressed, that was much more than i expected. Great animation and directing. Clearly quite a bit of effort put into this movie.

This movie is good like Xiao Xiao but in a bigger stick person form with more truck top fighting then Xiao bust almost alike alot of time put in it hope it does well

I thought first that this was just gonna be 1 of those lame Xiao Xiao wannabes, but this looks like you put alot of workin! Good job!
That put the GRRRR in GRRRREAT!

that was awesome. loved the incorporation of vehicles all while keeping the xiao xiao style alive.

that was the best thing ive seen in ages

It's a nice movie, but the "fighters" don't have the same fluid motion as in the other movies, it's a nice lil tribute though.

nice movie one of the better animations iv'e seen this week

Dude good job this rocks definately worthy of sumwhere in between middle and bottom of top 50 of all time good work man...

Man you are awsome you should make aloy more and whoever makes xiaomoives he would love it so much gotta go seeya

Zhu or who ever makes Xiao Xiao would be proud.

This is alot better than some of the crap some people send to newgrounds lately. I especially like how you dedicated it to xiao xiao. good work man! keep it up!

This xiao-xiao type flash is almost as good as the real thing. I have a critisicm, but it's very small. If you play the frame rates faster, or just make more drawings, it looks a lot smoother, and therefore achieve xiao-xiaoness perfection. Good job, I know I couldn't do half as good. :)

this is damn close to as good as Zhu. good job.

Chow Chow! Stick fighting the martial japanese way!! I had that humor at the end when he fell off the building but it still lacked quality of how the stickmen moves!!I associate with a bit of these movies but they are mediocre in my liking! Not too bad for a dedication!

i dont think this was one of the better xiao xiaos. thought the graphics were very good, the fighting wasnt nearly as good as some of the others.

better than some of the xiao xiaos,this should have got the weekly feature position

nice done but how you make that awesome effect

Hey, that was cool, but whats whith the whole "Chanrge energy to your hands but doing a super kick" thing? hehe. just messin' with ya. Great backgrounds, but the characters were mediocre. Even though they were very well animated...as with all xiao xiao flicks

There's absolutley nothing wrong with this movie, exept with the music at the beginning. Aside from that, this is a work of art. I hope this makes the top 50. Make more of this stuff.

Hey, that was cool, but whats whith the whole "Chanrge energy to your hands but doing a super kick" thing? hehe. just messin' with ya. Great backgrounds, but the characters were mediocre. Even though they were very well animated...as with all xiao xiao flicks

It wasn't that bad for a dedication but you have to admit, nothing can compare to Xiao Xiao!

good jawb... i liekd it!

but no where near as good as the originals. The animations was pretty crappy, with just mostly moving legs.

but its no where near xiao-xiao

It really was impressive! You made it look almost like the original creator did it themselves!

that was completely original. Shouldn't be a Xiao Xiao dedication. But that was some funny crap when the boss said "HEEEEEY!!!". Nice use for a finishing move too... Guile's Flash Kick is awesome. Never thought I'd see the day when it was used in a flash movie on newgrounds.

4:20 4 Life :)

that was good, but it's nowhere near the quality of xiao-xiao. The backgrounds and vehicles were cool, but the fighting was crappy compared to the original.

damn cool, good job! needs a bit more fluent animation

Unorigional and choppy. I'd rather just watch Xiao Xiao

This was truly amazing. Don't listen to those ignorant fucks who grade you down because it's a stick movie.

it made a good dedication that action was pretty good but skippy at times, but nonetheless it was a cool movie

stick figures suck. the animation was alright..

the music was junk...

That was really cool and action-packed good job!

making something a dedication to xiao xiao doesnt take away from the fact that it's still a goddamn STICK FIGURE flash
i have never been impressed with an SF flash, it's just laziness
they're a fucking curse on newgrounds, the worst goddamn thing to happen to the fine art of flash

This is a pretty sweet flash! You should check it out ^_^

That was by far, the best Xiao Xiao dedication I have seen. I don't know why this isn't #1 right now. Oh well, still, very good work. The frame by frame was excelent (a little bit of tweening, but I can forgive u.), the plot was long and action packed. That is also some of the best stick animation I have seen in a while.

That was awesome!

That Was Good

style was like xiao xiao..but theres was slightly more plot..good job

Hmm ya just wasnt that impressive.

It was ok for a xiao xiao

It was obvious to anyone who has seen a xiao xiao (particularly 3&4) that this was taken from the same idea and drawing style. I feel that while the plot was a little thin, the action made up for it. The movements were a little too choopy and the could've been some better martial arts moves like running up walls and shit. Overall a good flick.

I am an avid xiao xiao watcher. Keep up the good work.

not quite as a smooth as Xiao Xiao, but VERY good none-the-less

I enjoyed some of the scenes is why i give u such nice ratings!

The animation wasn't as good as XiaoXiao but I really liked the road scene with the trucks etc.
The boss part was pretty stupid, the animation was really bad at that part. But overall this movie is pretty nice.


You are obviously a good artist/flasher and i liked the movie alot(dont listen to JoltMasta's review, obviously he doesn't know what DEDICATION means). Though i couldnt help but wonder what could be come of your skills if you were to do something original. Think about it and keep up the good work!!

this gets a zero for the fact that the animation style is nothing like Xiao Xiao. It has to be realistic buddy not just one black guy taking on a bunch of other ones!!!

I like the Xiao Xiao series alot, it's the only best stick figure movie there is. While normally I would of given the Xiao Xiao series a 10, this one doesn't really quite hold up a candle to all the rest of the Xiao Xiao series.

Yo gDemon, this guy didnt make Xiao Xiao, its a dedication. A great dedication, I dont mind stick movies and this stick movie is a fair one too.

I really like your movies of Xiao Xiao, but I prefer the last game u made of Xiao Xiao, I think it was Xiao Xiao 3.

bviously lots of effort

I gave humor a six, cause at the end when the guy falls he makes that funny sound. A 1 in style cause obviously you took the style from Xiao Xiao. it was cool, next time get your own idea

Nice movie my two movies got blammed at like 1:00 am and they were my first!

but the fighting was a bit too fast and the music didnt go very well with the animation it wasnt the right type but it was pretty good

review coz he says about the facial expresions check out "the hero....." it just looks so much better with facials good work though

Not bad...

But as you know Stick movies are really getting tiresome, altho you dedicated this to Xiao Xiao which in some ways makes this an "okay to watch movie" yet the whole stick thing is getting a little to old...

Mayebe we just need some new content in these stick movies... i mean we alwyas get the same old Blurry trailing effects.... maybe we need some more humor.. some stick facial expressions maybe like the one in Max Payne 3D which im not too sure is up anymore... near the end you get a little facial expression which looks funny.. :P

Excellent Xiao-Xiao style work! A great piece with an amazingly pissed off stick man who kicks everyone's ass. I love the ending. Nice one ^___^


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