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Maple Kingdom

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The land is in turmoil. Monsters emerging from their lairs and dark conspiracies abound. Can you rise and become the hero of Maple Kingdom?

Maple Kingdom is a little adventure game i made with some old school graphics and music, enjoy!

How to play:
Combat - In the combat screen you alternate between pressing A and S. You're going to need some class A button smashing to win.

Move the hero with the arrow keys, piece of cake.

The dialogue will trigger when you walk on an NPC. When presented with a Y / N simply press Y for yes and N for no on your keyboard.

Press spacebar to advance the dialogues!

Good luck!
It should be relatively bug free but if you find a bug, please PM me and i'll fix it.

Please do leave a review!

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Really nice game. I thought it was a crappy zelda clone but turned out to be even better than zelda lol.

I AM NOW THE HERO OF MAPLE KINGDOM!!! Does that mean I'm now prime minister of Canada?

I am the hero of Maple Kingdom...

...and you owe me one keyboard :)

Simple yet entertaining game. Well done. Now do a longer one (with an actual battle system that will preserve the life of my keyboard please)

Very Cool!

But so short. If you change how atack it will be more fun =)
At all, old school rules xD Love the game and the music. And make a sequel!

I have a habit to spam space button

So this bug made me unable to play