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Aetherpunk 1.1

rated 3.66 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Aug 22, 2011 | 2:50 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Please wait up to 48 hours since the game is an approval queue for the new change:
UPDATE2: I've taken another crack at fixing the menu bug. I'm trying various things to try to fix it, but since I haven't actually reproduced it myself yet (I told you, it's a weird one), I can't confirm whether I've fixed it without feedback from you guys. Hopefully this new build fixes it!

UPDATE: I've just upload a new build! (August 24th). This build fixes some of the errors you guys were mentioning including the broken blizzard turret, and the broken menu (at least, it should be fixed! That was a weird one.) Thanks for the reports guys.

Alright, So we've gotten a LOT of feedback about MochiCoins, and we've decided to take them out of the game entirely. We hope that you will enjoy this new version.

This is a product of 8 months of juggling school work with production on the game for both the artist, Paul Wang, and the programmer Chris Fuller. I hope you guys like it! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Aetherpunk is a steampunk, top-down shooter set in an alternate 1904, where aliens have invaded the Earth. Stepping into the shoes of an English country gentleman with a penchant for mad science, you have found your home to be the first landing zone of the alien invasion. Warned by prophetic dreams, you retreat to your fortified tool shed to defend yourself against the alien hordes.

The aliens themselves are equipped with weapons and implants powered by Luminiferous Aether, a fifth state of matter which can be used to violate the known laws of physics. Armed with a fully equipped laboratory and a trusty revolver, you must harvest the aether from the extraterrestrial attackers to create new and more powerful improvised weapons and hold off the alien onslaught as long as you can.

In addition to weapons, you may use a series of skills which carry over through multiple playthroughs. These include the ability to get more damage and range out of your weapons, faster reloads, more health and useful gadgets to boost your abilities.


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
Aim&Fire: Mouse
Reload: R
Repair Barricades: F
Change Weapons: Mouse Wheel or Q&E
Shop/Skills: Spacebar (In the Workbench Area)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love the game, but at wave 24 I felt I had no chance of really losing, so I did so on purpose.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I've played this game before, but for some reason it's broken. The menu's unresponsive. FYI.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game, some flaws.

Others have mentioned the repetitiveness of the game, so I won't go into that. For those who think you have to wait for the aliens to be in the workshop, though, you can actually shoot them THROUGH the barricade, and in fact is it absolutely critical that you do so.

However, I've noticed a flaw in the assignment of weapons. A top-end Gadgeteer skill, in fact one which I made my top priority to get, eliminates reload times, but only for physical damage weapons. Obviously, that in mind, I prefer the physical damage weapons, especially because just BLASTING the aliens is fun.

This limits the field to only four weapons: the colt pistol, the coil pistol, the fowling gun, and the flechette rifle.

Here's the odd thing, though. I crunched the numbers: the coil pistol (cost 250, cheap and easy to get) actually works out as the BETTER WEAPON over the Flechette rifle (cost 900) once you're fully upgraded.

I'm not sure how this was missed, but here's the math:
Basic Readiness grants +10% damage and RoF to all weapons.
Fire Discipline grants +10% range to long guns and pistols.
Long Gun Training grants +20% range and +25% rate of fire to long guns.
Long Gun Expertise grants -50% reload time, long guns only.
Pistol Training grants +20% damage, -25% reload time, to pistols only.
Pistol Expertise grants +45% range, pistols only.
The Hunter grants +30% damage to all weapons.

Now, we ignore Rate of Fire and Reload Time increases. With Autoloader, all of the weapons under consideration reload immediately, so the rate of fire becomes as fast as it takes the ammo counter to tick from 1 to 0 to REL to 1 again, plus the time it takes you to click the fire button again. The only stats in question, then, are RANGE and DAMAGE.

The Coil Pistol:
Price: 450
Range: 450 *1.1 * 1.45 = 717.75
Damage: 25 * 1.1 * 1.2 * 1.3 = 42.9

The Flechette Rifle:
Price: 900
Range: 500 * 1.1 * 1.2 = 660
Damage: 30 * 1.1 * 1.3 = 42.9

Both are equally perfectly accurate, meaning where you point the gun is where the shot goes. Their rate of fire is identical.

After Pistol Training has been learned, they deal identical damage concurrently, because the next skill that upgrades damage upgrades both equally.

Both have incredible range, probably farther out than the aliens actually spawn at, and definitely farther than you can accurately target, trying to pinpoint a far-off alien by shooting down the arrow. It can (and often will) be done, but you're still not going to be hitting as often as you would if you could see the target.

Therefor, then, the deciding factor is cost, and this is a no-brainer, as the coil gun costs precisely half as much, for a weapon that nominally shoots farther, does equal damage and at the same accuracy and rate of fire.

My suggestion would be to add a high-end Physical damage pistol and Physical damage rifle that have different combat paradigms. Sniping is out, but you could, for instance, make one a scattergun and one a machine gun, or a grenade launcher or something.

Alternatively and/or in addition to adding a high-end physical weapon in the categories thereof, you could tweak the stats of the flechette rifle directly to maintain the expected 20% damage increase over the coil pistol at The Hunter, which would mean that it should be dealing 51.48 damage per shot. That number is 36, by the way, which would make the flechette rifle well worth the price of admission even with no skill upgrades.

Yet another (even simpler) alternative would be to apply the same +20% damage increase to Long Gun Training as Pistol Training gets, which would equal the same number.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i really liked it and the menu worked for me so great!

pros:fun, good storyline, good variety, not a ripoff, good graphics

cons:please add auto baricade healing and the shop was a bit overwhelming.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

love it

it's not very often i see this kind of game, you have a place where you must stay, you have barricades that you can repair, and you have to defend yourself against hordes of enemies, and even mixed with a bit of rpg,

however, you might want to either make the skills, less powerfull (or upgradeable like many other games have it) or the weapons stronger, i can survive with easy only with the 1 shot gun that deals 25 damage

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