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Aetherpunk 1.1

rated 3.66 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Aug 22, 2011 | 2:50 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Please wait up to 48 hours since the game is an approval queue for the new change:
UPDATE2: I've taken another crack at fixing the menu bug. I'm trying various things to try to fix it, but since I haven't actually reproduced it myself yet (I told you, it's a weird one), I can't confirm whether I've fixed it without feedback from you guys. Hopefully this new build fixes it!

UPDATE: I've just upload a new build! (August 24th). This build fixes some of the errors you guys were mentioning including the broken blizzard turret, and the broken menu (at least, it should be fixed! That was a weird one.) Thanks for the reports guys.

Alright, So we've gotten a LOT of feedback about MochiCoins, and we've decided to take them out of the game entirely. We hope that you will enjoy this new version.

This is a product of 8 months of juggling school work with production on the game for both the artist, Paul Wang, and the programmer Chris Fuller. I hope you guys like it! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Aetherpunk is a steampunk, top-down shooter set in an alternate 1904, where aliens have invaded the Earth. Stepping into the shoes of an English country gentleman with a penchant for mad science, you have found your home to be the first landing zone of the alien invasion. Warned by prophetic dreams, you retreat to your fortified tool shed to defend yourself against the alien hordes.

The aliens themselves are equipped with weapons and implants powered by Luminiferous Aether, a fifth state of matter which can be used to violate the known laws of physics. Armed with a fully equipped laboratory and a trusty revolver, you must harvest the aether from the extraterrestrial attackers to create new and more powerful improvised weapons and hold off the alien onslaught as long as you can.

In addition to weapons, you may use a series of skills which carry over through multiple playthroughs. These include the ability to get more damage and range out of your weapons, faster reloads, more health and useful gadgets to boost your abilities.


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
Aim&Fire: Mouse
Reload: R
Repair Barricades: F
Change Weapons: Mouse Wheel or Q&E
Shop/Skills: Spacebar (In the Workbench Area)



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice game

The game is really good, the repair system is nice, the enemies are good, the music gets a bit annoying since it just loops over and over, the graphics style fits it, it does have some random glitches that can kill you like enemies randomly walking over walls, weapons randomly changing (I had the disintegrator and after a few reloads started shooting like the basic pistol which led me to the game over screen). It just needs some patching and it'll be a great game.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Agreed with those previous to me.

Also, can we get a collective thumbs up for the music loop? It's the reason that when my hotkeys messed up and I died I was sad because I realized I didn't get to play anymore.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Work of art

A very good game. The ending leaves something to be desired, since you are fated to die, but I do enjoy how you change the fate of Earth depending on how well you did. My personal favorites are when you discourage the invasion and when the aliens leave a monument to honor your battle.
It does get a tad easy once you have the best weapons, but thats not much to complain about.
Overall its a challenging game and a rather fun one at that, and Ill remember it for quite a long time to come.

Protip for people struggling:
Save your money until you can buy the Coil Pistol. After that, dont spend any cash at all until you have 2k. At that point, purchase the Impaler turret. Its a very useful turret and I personally like it better than the Hellburner. After buying the turret, save up another 2k for the Hedgehog Gun. Your accuracy drops considerably, but the damage output is worth it. Using a combination of your Hedgehog Gun and Impaler, a final 4k should be amassed for the Hellstorm Gun. At this point, youre pretty much unstoppable and can spend the cash you get and anything you want to.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

playable, to a point

some of the biggest issues i had with the game was as follows:

1. the turret could only target the 2 sides, and not the top. granted, it allowed me to defend the top alone without worrying to much about the flanks.

2. instant KO's: as listed before, if you are too close to the barrier, you can be 1 shotted.

3. a bit slow. the game play needs to be picked up a bit, not just the guns but the overall movement of the game.

4. shallow upgrade system. you easily can get to the bottom (where the good stuff is) within 7-8 levels. a bit more of a dynamic leveling system would be nice (such as, expanded base, extra turrets, another person (npc) running around, increased health)

5. confined... even with all you walls down, you can not leave your base.

6. where are all the people that you know, if you "have money" and "know people" that " you have used" where are they when you need them?

7. continue... either lose 1/2 of your Aether on hand, or xp. but having to restart really hurts.

8. end game? is there a boss anywhere to be found?

ok, enough bashing, here are some good sides of the game:

1. repair and fire at the same time. yes, if you hold"f" and left click, you can do both actions at once.

2. gore on or off, good choice for those that like it or not (i would like to see different colors too, other then green)

3. though i would always like to see more, weapon choices where at least varied enough to play with.

4. balance of Aether to cost. the costs and the amount collected balanced well. not too hard to get upgrades, but not so easy that you are killing everything without effort.

the game has a good base, just needs to be expanded upon. 4/5 and 8/10 for a great start.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Too manny glitches

First of all, no way to continue? The little raptor things that can shoot, are very over powered. Their attack is hard to dodge, high damage, and they have high health.

Either fix or completely remove the suicide bombers. One just jumped through a barricaded gate and INSTANTLY killed me at full health. That is a BIG fricken problem.

And you should heal when creating barricades too, not just when standing still.

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