Aetherpunk 1.1

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Please wait up to 48 hours since the game is an approval queue for the new change:
UPDATE2: I've taken another crack at fixing the menu bug. I'm trying various things to try to fix it, but since I haven't actually reproduced it myself yet (I told you, it's a weird one), I can't confirm whether I've fixed it without feedback from you guys. Hopefully this new build fixes it!

UPDATE: I've just upload a new build! (August 24th). This build fixes some of the errors you guys were mentioning including the broken blizzard turret, and the broken menu (at least, it should be fixed! That was a weird one.) Thanks for the reports guys.

Alright, So we've gotten a LOT of feedback about MochiCoins, and we've decided to take them out of the game entirely. We hope that you will enjoy this new version.

This is a product of 8 months of juggling school work with production on the game for both the artist, Paul Wang, and the programmer Chris Fuller. I hope you guys like it! WE LOVE YOU ALL!

Aetherpunk is a steampunk, top-down shooter set in an alternate 1904, where aliens have invaded the Earth. Stepping into the shoes of an English country gentleman with a penchant for mad science, you have found your home to be the first landing zone of the alien invasion. Warned by prophetic dreams, you retreat to your fortified tool shed to defend yourself against the alien hordes.

The aliens themselves are equipped with weapons and implants powered by Luminiferous Aether, a fifth state of matter which can be used to violate the known laws of physics. Armed with a fully equipped laboratory and a trusty revolver, you must harvest the aether from the extraterrestrial attackers to create new and more powerful improvised weapons and hold off the alien onslaught as long as you can.

In addition to weapons, you may use a series of skills which carry over through multiple playthroughs. These include the ability to get more damage and range out of your weapons, faster reloads, more health and useful gadgets to boost your abilities.


Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
Aim&Fire: Mouse
Reload: R
Repair Barricades: F
Change Weapons: Mouse Wheel or Q&E
Shop/Skills: Spacebar (In the Workbench Area)


Pretty Good

It get boring kinda fast and seems to need something more.
Other than that, the weapons are cool and i like the style.

There are still many issues with the game

I don't think removeing the Mochi coins was the best answere for the criticisms it got. While I didn't read every review I'm pretty sure most people's problem was not it's existance but that basic features were sold as bonus. So instead of removeing every bonus you'd better fix the main issueas with the basic game!
First you should make it possible to save your game and to continue after dieing! Then you could fix some minor issues that were mentioned like getting aether faster or lowering the prices, haveing more upgrades (like upgradeing your speed and your health), haveing better weapons etc.
And then I'm sure the people wouldn't complain if there were purchaseable bonus materials too.

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a pause button or something... lost a lot of times because of no pause button.

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Too long

To sum it up, its too long. I played this for ages, it never really got any harder. I gave up around wave 27 or so out of sheer boredom. I never even really came close to dying. Does it have an end?

The music, weapons and 'feel' of the game is all very steampunk.

I found some serious inbalance in the turrets, the most expensive turret is useless, it fires so slowly that it rarely hits and only 1 shots the weakest of enemies, the cheapest turret is vastly superior to it.

So it needs to end sooner (or just end if it does not) and the difficulty curve needs to ramp up way faster.

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Pretty good

A few glitches here and there, but otherwise terrific. The only thing I didn't really like was how you have to lose aether and remake your weapons after you die.

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3.66 / 5.00

Aug 22, 2011
2:50 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional