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Flight of the Raven

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Author Comments

Here is a 2D space shooter arcade style game, modified from good old space invaders, no,actually its very different from space invaders. Serious!

Player controls a configurable ship up against fleets of drone ships. Drone ships forms into alternating attack formations and player must take out the main controller/arbitor ship to defeat each formation.

Players gain resources by destroying enemy crafts. Resources can be used to purchase new weapons and different classes of ships.

Go to 3 different space stations to upgrade to ship classes uniquely available only at each station.

There are 20 different weapons in 3 different weapon categories to choose from, 18 playable ships player can buy, 17 enemy ships and 5 bosses to blast to smithereens.

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Great game, albeit a missed opportunity.

There is no end battle. We should see a mothership at the beginning and be able to fight it at the end of the game. Just put a blip at the center of the map and once your ship can crush all the other boss style ships, just make it a core ship surrounded by six boss ships and a fleet of others. With just a bit of code you could mark the center of the map with an orange dot and write a simple ending. It's all anyone would ask for.

Were not talking Mass Effect here, but give the player something to end the game and let the player know its over. I want a reason to use those lasers!

Problem Or Glitch?

Um.. For the 2nd base in Cairo I can't seem to go to the mission site.

Love it!

I love the graphics and the playability of the game. I only gave it 9/10 because it needs an end. There needs to be a better story instead of just go kill these guys and save this ship. Plus it is too easy once you get the best ship. Another bug, or I assume its a bug, is that once you kill a controller/arbitor ship, even a very small one, the other support ships all spontaneously blow up.

If you make a #2 to make it better i would like to see:
1. better story with an ending.
2. you should be able to collect all remaining resources at the end of a battle. Nothing more frustrating than killing a boss early in the game and not being able to control your ship and watching it fly right past the resource you need for an upgrade.
3. you should have to return to a base to repair your ship.
4. more difficulty

Hope that doesnt sound nit-picky. I really loved the game, and would love to see more/longer/more story out of it. Thanks for submitting it.

I dont feel in control, interface problems.

There are several things that dont work very well gfor me in this game:

In combat, the constantly shifting perspective is confusing. Plus, some ennemies can run around in circles/sides and we cant, we can only face head-on.
Movement and actions in combat are slow and, frankly, boring. I just keep the LMB pressed down and wait for the fight to finish on its own... My input is almost not required at all : all i do is a bit of dodging (if i bother dodging at all) and keep firing on the commander recklessly.

Tracking main guns, while good, are a pain too : you cant target the ennemy commander if anything else is closer. Basically they arent good as main weapons, they work well as point-defense.

Ennemy bullets are sometimes hard to see because of the colored background.

We dont get any feedback from taking damage. With bullet-hell ennemies (with violet commanders) i can die in a few seconds if i dont watch my health bar at all times.

Why doesnt our HP regenerate, even if a bit slowly in combat? What is that blue bar in the top-right corner of the screen?
Why an automatic game over when i die? why no just having me instantly restart from the station (like a mini-save that save at my last visit to the station).

Bullet/weapon sounds, impacts and stuff are too "gentle". When missiles impact the explosions should be FUN to watch. More exciting.

Main character at station is creepy as hell. The eyes are ugly.

Stats for ship-building show be shown when we want to build them, not before, not after. (when we scroll the list of available hulls to build) . It is the moment i would like to have the stats of the ships, but instead all i got is a full "tab" wasting a whole lot of space telling me about build/salvage costs when it could be done with a few lines at most.
Ressources are a secondary factor in that game, since its essentially unlimited and we arent in a hurry for time.. so ressource cost/salvage arent as important as knowing the stats of my new ship.

Would be nice if we could keep a few ships in reserve. Like being able to build up to 3 ships rather than being forced to only use/upgrade one.

Upgrades are "meh", all we got is a vague description of weapon system behavior. No stats at all. I assume the more expensive /lower position stuff is better (maybe?) Not nearly good enough, and you could expand on it.. like adding modules slots that allow us to increase some variable of our ship if we want to (like a bit extra speed, armor, fire rate ect)

I did notice that the different weapon's behavior would work reasnably well if carefully mixed, but we only get "fun" hulls (large enough to fit enough gear) later on and the cost is high, so i guess it take a whole lot of time to be able to go and have the possibility to actually experiment with our designs.

Also, in stats description, it would help a bit to show the difference between the two hardpoint types (guns and missiles hardpoints)

Is it possible to save? i keep dying, and i cant find the place where i can save. Restarting from nothing again just kills my interest... oh wait.. That's what database is for. When i see database i think "encyclopedia", not "save station". Oh well.

All in all. Very good potential, but there are a bit too many kinks that gets in the way of my personnal idea of a fun time. Still, what you got is pretty solid.

Great Game!

It's a lot of fun to get new ship types available, collecting materials to build them, and to equip even more powerful weapon systems until you have a really huge and strong ship that can take out any hostile fleet.
However it gets a bit boring, when you have nothing better to chase anymore, but thats okay.