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Josh Tam Mysteries G1

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Author Comments

Welcome to Josh Tam Mysteries G1 - House of the Green. On the outskirts of a small town called Tarbhon stands an old abandoned house filled with strange happenings and disappearances.
Can you discover clues and unravel the mystery that shrouds the House of the Green?

Controls: point and click with mouse

Note: This game is simple to play. It is not some don't-know-what-to-do puzzle game... The sequels will be longer, when I finish them. Have fun!

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bruh this is'nt as "scary" as the comments say it is lmao.

good game scary but good game

i liked it

josh-tamugaia responds:

glad you did

Interesting tale, I liked it. My only complaint would be that the end came a bit too easily & abruptly, but still, you didn't exactly promise "MYST", so I think that can be overlooked. ;-) Nice game! :-)

Potential, but not there yet.

I know I'm not giving you a very good score, but I wanted to write a review because there's a lot of potential here. The game was interesting, but had several things that need to be ironed out. First of all, too many arrows, I kept getting turned around because there were so many arrows I wasn't sure which one lead back or wherever. Second, it was a bit too easy. I never felt like I figured out anything or solved a puzzle like in all point and click games. Since the game flat out tells you what item to use when you're attacked, you don't really solve anything. Plus the items didn't really make any sense as to why they dispelled the threats. *Spoiler Alert!!!* The ending was lacking as well. I didn't feel like I solved anything. Sure, I found out about the criminal's ghost and the Snake King, but I thought it would've been much more fun if I had to find a way to banish the ghost or avenge the spirits of the victims in some way. Instead it was just, "Ok, now we know why people die or get paralyzed when they go in there, better hang a sign on the door or something."

Now, I think you can make something really nice with this series. I love the music, and the setting and artwork are nice, and I like the creepy atmosphere of the game. It just wasn't effective as a point and click game. More like an interactive movie than a game. Address these issues and I think you'll have something really special.