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F&D-Shocking Isn't It?

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Author Comments

I'm proud to present Fido and Daisy in their brand new cartoon series. I've been working on it between other projects since Fall 2010, and managed to finish it in during August 2011. There'll be more adventures, so be prepared!!

Update:I lowered some of the sounds so you can hear Daisy's voice much better.

Joseph Wirick (Animation, Story, Background Design.)

CelestialAiko (Daisy Dottie)
Fido (Himself)
Violet Dottie (Daisy's stunt double/Sister)

Carl Stalling
Ren and Stimpy OST

Everything else:
Their respective owners.

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Solid effort....


+ Like the characters and their personalities. (u did a great job on animating their body and facial expressions. XD)

+ Very funny slapstick humor between fido and daisy lol

+ Love the different western and asian influences in animation and sound effects.

+ Nice voice work (Daisy has a very cute voice and nice delivery of lines XD. )

+ Nice pacing (didnt feel like it dragged on, but it wasnt too short either. Though i wouldnt mind longer episodes ^___^)

+ The movements in your animations are very smooth and fluid. (could really see that well when daisy flipped out over fido kicking her and when she got shocked....i made me lol XD).


- Need to work on volume balancing of voices, sound effects and background music (even though u addressed the issue of ppl not being able to hear daisy, i still found it a chore trying to hear some of her lines and the BG music. (even with my headphones and my volume at max. ) I had to restart the whole flash a few times just to understand a few of her lines).

- Although i like your style and the aesthetic look of the overall animation, i do feel that the line work in your drawings could see some improvement.

-I would highly suggest making some sort of intro and outro, even if its not that long or creative. ill even take just seeing only the title and end credits at this point. (the series doesnt really feel legit with these things missing. It really feels odd without an outro, since the flash just....cuts out....it just feels odd 0_o).


+/- Though CelestialAiko's line delivery was great for the most part...i think there were a couple of times when i think she fumbled her lines. In the line "I think its time that i got even with that naughty dog" i didnt hear her say the word "got", so it sounded like "I think its time that i even with that naughty dog". Another is in the line, "This was more funnier and painful than when i was giving him a bath" sounded like "i think this was more PHONIER n painful than when i was giving him a bath.".

+/- For some reason, the way daisy's hands look just bugs me. I like everything else about her design besides her hands.....>__<. Just givin my 2 cents lol.

+/- I suggest looking for good, original music through the audio portal for background/theme music for the series. I also suggest looking for a different growl noise for Fido.

+/- Finally, since im assuming this is F&D's first formal episode in their series, I personally dont think that it was wise to start off with something that was a continuation of their shorts. I think it would have been better if either.....

A.) u would have shown fido pranking daisy at the beginning of this episode, so newcomers in the audience would better understand y she is "getting even" with fido.....or....

B) Started off with a whole new scenario for Fido and Daisy entirely.

Anyways, thats all i have to say. Despite my gripes, i think this was a solid start of F&D, and I think this series does have potential. I hope my perspective helps you in any way (and i hope i didnt seem like a jerk lol). I look forward to seeing new episodes.

P.S. Give CelestialAiko a pat on the head and an ice cream cone for doing such a good job XD lol

OutcastLabs responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it. As of an intro, I'll probably think of something. Also, by the next episode, there'll be several changes, like Daisy's hands for example. Anyway, there'll be more episodes, so stay tuned.