Undeath or Dying

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Description: Our home planet is under attack. Again our heroes been call to save man kind. Dead or Alive 2 is a flash action shooting game with a lot of enemy and multi weapons.

control : WASD to move, J: Shoot, K to Jump, L to throw Grenade


Common key mapping problem.

You can't use WASD + JKL for a game like this. Flash has trouble accepting multiple letter keys at once, so if you try to do something like shoot diagonally while jumping, it's going to derp.

They arrow keys get special treatment, so use them.

Other than that, I thought it was a fine game. It could have been "better" but I don't need a lot of bells and whistles to enjoy a run&gun.

(Grenre: fighting brawler? bitch, please)

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Rough Around the Edges


An alright shooter game, but the design needs some work. Here are some things to improve on:

- Allow the player the ability to reconfigure the controls whoever they like. Furthermore, side-scrolling, platformer, shooter games (which is also how this game should be categorized - this is not a brawler game) should use the mouse to aim (give the player 360 degree aim - kill the old-school 45 degree aiming - good for nostalgia, but its day has come and gone).
- Nonetheless, since you're using the keyboard, consider making accessing and controlling the UI keyboard-based as well.
- I like how you can jump and shot down, but I didn't find much use for it.

Gameplay and Design
- More enemy types, more player abilities (the melee attach is cool, though), introduce some vertical scrolling as well as horizontal.
- Why is my character walking in place, even when I'm not actually moving around? (:
- _Please_ make the gun auto-fire. I don't want to get carpel tunnel playing your game.
- The explosion graphic looks nice, but it's a bit much just for blowing up henchmen. It looks nice, but it's being used too much, and should be saved that for larger things that blow up.
- Graphics look alright, however, there is an inconsistency between characters and background. The characters and other effects are vectors, while the backgrounds are raster, and it looks tacky. Stick to one type of art.
- The point of origin for projectiles don't match the end of the guns. Bullets look like they are coming from the shooters' bodies. :P
- When firing the single shot, there is a delay from when the shot is discharged and when the sound actually plays. If you are starting the sound and the discharge at the same time, maybe there is some silence at the beginning o fthe shot sound effect?
- Consider allowing the player to mute audio and music separately, instead of "all or nothing".
- Make an animation for actually throwing grenades.
- I like how the item changes, so you can get any item you want, but I think it changes a little too rapidly.
- The sounds are a bit too loud, and the explosion is monotonous. Consider toning them down, and adding a few different sounds for the same events. When there are lots of explosion sounds playing, it just gets noisy, and the sounds clip.
- Don't make players start over from the beginning of the game. Consider starting them at least at the beginning of the more recent stage.

Good luck / skill.

- Ziro out.

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Good work on this one. It was quite fun, but as AtZune44556 said, it tends to get boring after a while.

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A few problems.

While whoever did the art for this is clearly skilled, the gameplay is boring and stupid looking, the walking animation happens when you stand still, as soon as the game starts you get cluster f*cked, and you don't have time to learn to shoot or jump before you get warmed by enemies. Try again in a few years.


god this is the flash version of RAMBO XD


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2.74 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
12:47 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler