[SS]- Cheese is born

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cheese is borned



Awful and unfunny


This didn't seem at all to be the birth of anyone. I guess the one saving grace was that it was kind of interesting to see that bed all laid out like that. Still, that doesn't take away from the fact that there is so little of anything in this. I don't think this was a game, so I don't know why it was assigned to be that. Hey, you stole your initials from the Star Syndicate! Well, I guess the Star Syndicate don't even use the "SS" initials much.

I don't even know what a socom is, but it looked like just an ordinary block of cheese. I also have no idea what the gun means or where it comes from. It looks like there was some red thing on the mattress too. You should work on having some action in this, because I don't even think there was any action at all. I wouldn't want to be born with a gun.

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Very bad

First of all, this is obviously an animation, not a game. However, it's still just as bad. A cheese, with a gun merely pasted on it, slowly (really slowly, in fact) coming out of a blanket. Totally pointless. That wasn't surprising, funny, scary, well, wasn't anything: like I said, pointless.

Even if you wanted to make fun of us for something like "you just wasted a minute of your lives by watching this", it still wasn't funny since we can't see where you are coming from with this.

If you want to improve, basic tip: be clear about what you want to express at least in the title. "Cheese is born" - so what? Are we to expect a new animation with the cheese? If we don't know, it becomes pointless.

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good werk

it wus good n i lik it :P


cheese holding a usp.45w/scilencer!classic.just classic

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Aug 20, 2011
12:17 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler
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