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EDIT: huh... the game, which was sitelocked to newgrounds, was cracked and has gone a bit viral in China. But it's just a demo... and there's no ads. Balls.
So this has taken about a year longer than I'd hoped... I've been a bit busy, with work, study, and moving country...

And now I'll be too busy to do much work on this game till maybe November...

I get a few messages asking when I'm going to finish Jade Wolf 3, so I'm releasing it as a demo. Please critique as much as you want... it's missing that certain something that makes an alright game great (but I can't quite put my finger on what it is).

Anyway, the demo contains 10 souls and 16 Squoos to find, on a single Island (inspired by MesoAmerican architecture). The finished game will have 2 more Islands (with Thai, and Balinese inspiration). There'll also be a much more involving storyline. There'll be bosses to battle, and a final castle in the clouds. There'll also be different coloured magics to use.

In the final version, for every soul-butterfly you find, a sky-wolf will remember how to speak, and can help you on your quest. I'd put that in the demo, but I haven't drawn the sky wolves yet...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this look at my game.


I've been wondering if the game needs a map, and more warp points? If anyone cares to comment, much obliged!

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welp i have played this game for days but have not seen a hack plz make a hack
out of this...... PLEASE its so hard but five stars dude! guys have a nice day! <3

hello, just to give a bump to this, are you taking ideas? would be cool to be able to write requests in jadewolf.net, don't want to be missing out any of the future updates on this project, it would be cool to be able to play as amazon the sky wolf, and go even further than the temple in the sky, like another realms or temples, please creator of the game, give us some update once a month or something like that, many fandom is awaiting for news, it would be a totally hype, like others told before, it would be cool if the main page becomes more interactive, thank you for this game and hope to encourage other fans of this game to give a review, thank you sedition games

Howdy,Happy new year from Argentina!First thank you for sharing this game with us,hope you're doing well,I'm very exited by the update on jadewolf.net,that is a great new for us all,please accept this fanart as a token of admiration https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/herowolffenix/jade-wolf-by-sedition-games-fanart , Happy new year for everyone!

Hi, its great to have news! (If somebody sees this,check out the jadewolf.net site) I think this deserves more exposition to the public,like aofficial facebook fan page or a deviantart group, so the fandom keeps growing,this is an epic job,hope it comes to android with adds so we can give some value and apreciation back, thank you bro!

not sure if the autor of this game is still here,but well i just have to say it

This game series Jade Wolf = awesome,when I found this game I was very excited ,this game is awesome because i like wolves there are not many cool wolves games,although never was sure if jade wolf is male or female jaja,and this game has all these cool mysteries,hidden places,ancient structures,cool music and all those original bosses and enemies,the giant plants that came from the gound,,of course the temple in the sky,always was thinking how the fck would it be inside,or even the sky world itself,the sky wolves and their mystic glowing (Amazon for example),the epic feeling when playing Jade Wolf 2 in that dream where you jump in a elevator and the sky goes full night and all becomes black,and the fireworks,and the part when you finally collected all the jade amulets,this game was epic,fresh and misterious,funny and unique,altrough many time has pased,I hope to see some news very soon

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4.60 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
10:09 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop