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Jade Wolf 3 Demo

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EDIT: huh... the game, which was sitelocked to newgrounds, was cracked and has gone a bit viral in China. But it's just a demo... and there's no ads. Balls.
So this has taken about a year longer than I'd hoped... I've been a bit busy, with work, study, and moving country...

And now I'll be too busy to do much work on this game till maybe November...

I get a few messages asking when I'm going to finish Jade Wolf 3, so I'm releasing it as a demo. Please critique as much as you want... it's missing that certain something that makes an alright game great (but I can't quite put my finger on what it is).

Anyway, the demo contains 10 souls and 16 Squoos to find, on a single Island (inspired by MesoAmerican architecture). The finished game will have 2 more Islands (with Thai, and Balinese inspiration). There'll also be a much more involving storyline. There'll be bosses to battle, and a final castle in the clouds. There'll also be different coloured magics to use.

In the final version, for every soul-butterfly you find, a sky-wolf will remember how to speak, and can help you on your quest. I'd put that in the demo, but I haven't drawn the sky wolves yet...

Anyway, hope you enjoy this look at my game.


I've been wondering if the game needs a map, and more warp points? If anyone cares to comment, much obliged!

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I would love to download this for offline use, but when I do it says ''game is locked, please wait for final to be released''. Any way to fix this?

this game is amazing!, but wall jumping can be a bit tricky... and a map would be usefull...

ps the "unkown place " is green hill zone from sonic!

It's very nice! I enjoy the game's beautiful art, music, and game, but the only problem is that the game map itself is too big and too much to explore. It's very easy to get lost. That's all I'll say! :)

Sooo, when are we going to get the full game?
I can't believe it's been 8 years, I played this demo version when it came out. And still waiting the full version. I'm 20 years old now :D

This game has a very high potential, I dont know if it is still in delopevment, but I'll surely wait with patience for any updates on the page, here is a piece of art I have made featuring Amazon the wolf, it seems like she is wining popularity, following my fellow friends, I was so inspirred by the history behind the game, that I had to do a fan art, the thai culture has a lot of cool things, and the way it is melted with the wolves is amazing, It would be great if the next game has the option of howling, like singing the notes to unlock places or for fun, and exploring the ancient city of the standing apes, and a remix of the original sound track, it was very cool, and a part of the chilhood and adolescence of many of us, don't give up with the project! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year For Y'all! https://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/francisfiesta/amazon-and-the-moon-phases-temple

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4.44 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2011
10:09 AM EDT