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Home on the Cliff

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Hello Newgrounds!

ABOUT: This is my first submission here and also happens to be my first ever Flash work. Took a bit of effort to put together since I was also learning as I was going, hope the result is satisfactory.

GAME: A short point'n'click type of game where you help some little yellow critters magically shape their home. Just click on the items on the screen to trigger results. The game is very short, you can probably complete it in a minute or so.

NOTE: If something doesn't respond to a click it can either be due to the fact that it's not yet time for it to react (something else needs to be done first) or that the collision size is messy and you clicked in an empty spot (like on the axe or on the waterwheel). Sorry about that...

Also...I don't seem to have gotten the hang of preloaders just yet and the preloader I imported from NG doesn't work... neither was one I coded in myself...I don't know why that is, I'll look into it some more...so probably there will be no loading screen, but it's just 1MB so it should load rather quickly.

Well enjoy and leave me some feedback!

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I loved your cute little game.

The point and click animations were great, my only complaint is how short it was but now that I happen to be working with flash I know just how much time and work went into just this little piece of fun :)

You get maximum marks from me, sir. And I look forward to playing more of your fun games :)

vsistudio responds:

Thank you kindly and I'll be sure to make the next one longer and better :)

Sweet ^^

For a first timer, it's not too unique, but made really sweet ;) Keep up the work, i liked it....next time, try to fix the thing with the preloader and make it longer, more complex, you know what I mean!

But overall, nice thing.

vsistudio responds:

Thank you, I really appreciate it, I'll improve on overall quality for the next release!