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The End is a a game of self-discovery which integrates strategy, puzzles and philosophical questions into a world which explores a range of opinions about death, belief and science.

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Man, i really can't play it says the site of the url doesn't exist

Hey! Not bad!

Best game !!

Cool premise, but I was unable to jump using the space bar as instructed. Check for bugs.

A potent, if somewhat uneven, blend of games

The game world is beautifully rendered, vast and organic, dreamy but not dreary. Many philosophical art games choose the "Limbo"-esque aesthetics, employing dark shadows to create an overall depressing atmosphere, with varying degrees of success. Positive examples include the works of Thomas Brush ("Coma", "Skinny"), while "Grey Story" just came across as incomplete and simplistic. I'm happy the developers were bold in their choice of colors. Neat images in the background such as houses stacked over each other on a mountain top give the game a playful air of surrealism.

The shadows that shift in and out of view as the player moves around open up endless possibilities for mind-boggling puzzles, though many levels, unfortunately, rely on the old tricks of repetitiveness (make the player jump 6 or 7 times, he will slip). The final level, "The End", was especially frustrating, as you have to make it through a level-wide chasm without any checkpoints in between. This deters casual gamers (including me), who just wants to answer the quizzes at the end of each level to figure out what the whole point of the makers is. This screams for a difficulty mode selector.

The Death Cards puzzles are reasonably challenging, but they are not well-integrated into whole project. The art style differs from the main game as well, sleek and polished instead of sketchy and cartoon-like. The puzzles also do not make sense from a philosophical standpoint. Why would the guardians choose this instead of dice-throwing, chess, or just a good old-fashioned platformer boss fight?

"The End" succeeds despite those minor flaws. Philosophy is a dry subject, but the developers did an awesome job turning it into an adventure. Another thing I wish the game had is a sense of humor. Remember how quotes are used in "Doodle God"?