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Bio Gems

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MochiGames with DOM2D are proud to present this fast-paced action fighter with match-3 gameplay! Featuring awesome animations, sound effects, powerups and bosses, this is sure to be one of the most intense action puzzle experiences you'll play in a while! Choose from multiple characters to travel through space and beat up on some baddies. Make sure to keep an eye on your health and special meter to unleash the most powerful attack across the galaxy!

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so i love the game yes . but it wont work now

I've played this on the old mochigames and I absolutely loved it!
But for some reason I always get Loading errors... PLZ HELP! I NEED TO PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN!
Idk if it's something with my computer or just the game itself but I need advice.

Not fair!!!

The defense up should be effective even for the counterattack... but that is not, and i lost to the final boss (he had only 16 hp remaining) because of this feature... i attacked him twice, we both had defense up (wich worked well to normal attacks) so I didn't kill him, but his counter broke my defense up!!!! SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!!!! I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!

.... But this is still a nice game to play when you're bored, even if frustrating, and i hope one day, with a huge load of well-payed luck, I will be able to manage to finish it, at least with one character....


I've been playing this for days because it's brilliant!

I've played as all 3 characters and completed the game 100%.

It's simple and straightforward game play which most people are familiar with, but it has a nice addition to it. I didn't find any problems with the game, except sometimes my counter attack wouldn't work.

The music was arcade style which kept me focused, and the animations were quite smooth, the baddies did have some unique moves, as did the characters themselves but I feel like there could have been more added to it to make it more in depth.

Perhaps more playable characters, different unlockable moves, more upgrades, more baddies.. I hope there's a sequel in the process.

i've been playing forever and...

why can't I upgrade my health or anything more than 4 times???? that's redic, the last two bosses are waaay stronger, and I stand no chance, I feel I beat them by chance.