Minesweeper3D: Universe

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Minesweeper3D: Universe was made with one goal: To revive old classic, and remind players of a game that had unique history in the world of games.

Shortcut for flags is Space.


Mind boggling!

This is, by far, the most challenging mix of logic mathematical thinking mixed with spatial orientation.

Normally you don't get to choose among kinds of minesweepers too much. Most of them are just the clasic with changed field pattern, or some fancy bonus upgrades that give u hints or other stuff.

Now this game here proves you can create a marvelous piece by just taking the classic and twisting it around without any need for adding additional trinkets. The sole idea and rules applied in classic minesweaper literelly transformed into a 3-dimensional state of mind art that was born in tpodhraski's (the artist) mind and make's you think in a broader range of seeing things.

With a bit graphical upgrade, and maybe adding different difficulties o each level this game would surely create a commotion with not only flash users, but also iPod/iPad players as well, if it was ever trasnferred.

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Panic face and custom amount of bombs

Some kinda of panic face (when you press the button it the :) face goes :o, or even :( when you lose) each time you press the button and the ability to customize the amount of bombs on a map would have been the only things extra I would expect from this.

That aside, if you like minesweeper, this is a fun, albeit slightly easier version of a classic.

If only i was good at this game..

I liked the idea,
never saw this anywhere else.
I really think it makes the Minesweeper more interesting.
Making it to be a mobile device game would be very cool.

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Huge fan of minesweeper

I play minesweeper all the time, so this is a nice twist for me. The only feature I really miss is being able to disarm multiple squares by clicking on a numbered square that you've put flags on all the surrounding bombs.

Pressing space is kind of annoying but if you had the above feature you don't need to switch back and forth nearly as often

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Quite interesting and a good challenge

I love it, it's a good challenge to those to have played the classic minesweeper

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2.49 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2011
10:28 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other
  • Daily 5th Place August 19, 2011