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Kid Chaos'

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Author Comments

You are Dr. Shimura's greatest invention and protector of Chaos city. The evil Dr. Garbasco has returned and set his robots loose on the city. You must defend it at any cost!


it sucks

along with what the person below me said the charecter is also too big to dodge any of the projectiles not that you need to though

Huge problems

This game has some big problems that stop it from being much more than a high score game, and it even has problems in that regard. To start with, extra lives drop WAY too frequently; extra lives should be uncommon so they actually feel rewarding, and force the player to try harder to conserve the lives he has. Also, there is no indication what those blue ovals do; are they points, do they give additional hit points, do they give some kind of powerup? The scoring system is broken; I'm not sure if it works like this from the start of the game, but after a certain point, the score doubles after every level. As I type this, I'm on level 40 and I have a score of 1.14033135987958e+15, and I still have 37 lives left. I might make it a point to mention that I haven't even played the last 10 or so levels of the game; I just let my character run into enemies to try to burn off all my extra lives so I could finish the game, and there are so many extra life powerups that I'm actually finding it a challenge to die.

There are key differences between keyboard controls and mouse controls that must be addressed. For starters, while the character is confined to the playing area when using the keyboard, it's possible to drag him off the screen with the mouse. Doing this makes him impossible to hit, and gives the player time to charge up his weapon. Also, when using the mouse to shoot, the consumable ammo is fired along with the regular shots, which is a little annoying; granted, with only one button, I don't see how you could quickly change from one shot to the next.

I mentioned charging the player's weapon in the paragraph above; this is something that was not mentioned in the controls. The only reason I found out that it was possible was because I tried holding the button for autofire. What is the blue gauge at the top of the screen? At first I thought it was a progress bar to show how far the player had gone through the level, but it fills up after the first 10 or so kills, then remains full for the remainder of the level.

I think everything in this game is too similar to Megaman; the character looks like a red Megaman, and the enemies with propellers look exactly like an enemy in many Megaman games. Add to that the blue blaster and the ability to charge the weapon, and it's just too similar. Not to mention the story of the game says that the player is the creation of Dr. Shimura who must protect the city from the robots created by Dr. Garbasco... yet another Megaman similarity.

My final complaint is the complete lack of variety; I made it to level 52 while typing this review, and in all those levels there were only two types of enemies. Add to that the fact that there's only one backdrop, and the game gets extremely repetitive very quickly. Also, the lag in later levels was simply unforgivable; there were three times per level where lag caused 100+ enemies to spawn and rush at me all at once, forcing me to die. I don't know when this behaviour started, but I noticed it in every level past 30 at the very least.

My final score was 9.34159450024153e+18 on level 52... that's just not right. Obviously there's a huge oversight in the scoring code. This game could become something greater than it is, but it needs a complete overhaul before that happens.

PuladoGames responds:

You might try the game again. We've improved a lot of the issues that you've raised.


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Credits & Info

1.75 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2011
9:27 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun