Fullmetal Arithmetist

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Made with two months Flash experience over the course of four days.
*Front Paged from 8/19/11 - 8/31/11. Thanks for the ego.



This isn't a BAD flash, don't get me wrong. You say in the comments that you will disregard the reviews of those who haven't tried flash, and I have. I know how hard it is, and I would be proud of this piece of work. I'm not sure what it's based on, or any of the back-story. I am merely judging the work.
The voices were okay; good voice acting but bad quality. That is most likely just down to a bad microphone. The expressions were okay, but the hair seemed a bit stiff. The music did fit the piece well, but in time only; the mood didn't REALLY seem to match the music.
My main criticism is that the story is in bits. You have the boys at the blackboard. The boy with the blocks... eating him? Then him with no leg, and then the picture on fire.
This is NOT a bad piece of work, and with only two months of flash experience you could become a great animator. My advice to you is to keep working and watch other peoples work. If you learn to take different things from different works then you can put them together in your own style and improve the overall quality of your work.
Quick note: Please, as a request, do not be so hostile in your comments. It acts like a meeting point to trolls, and will only piss people off. Just ignore people who hate on your work.

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BoobMarley responds:

If you aren't familiar with the source material I can understand how a lot of this seemed out of place, or just cobbled together strangely

I watch a few flash animations from time to and time, and usually am able to gather some ideas or inspirations on techniques.

I will however, never stop being hostile to those who I feel merit it. We here at BoobMarley do not negotiate with terrorists.


Am indisputedly Mindfucked...


xD You oviously tried hard on the animation, and I liked the I <3 PI poster. Only thing out of place is how your take on the opening was off, the talking ended before the picture even started to burn. Still, great job.

BoobMarley responds:

Wasn't too worried about timing that fire to the words. Thanks though.

Dude, nice...

This was hilarious, I laughed for like half an hour. Some people are just retarded and attack this based on what they think is true. Just ignore it, they're idiots and don't know what they are talking about. Keep up the good work.

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Dear sir

This is perhaps the worse thing i have seen in years. Because I have done numerous projects on animations, i know this as a fact. The fullmetal series is a masterpiece and your work shouldn't even be compared to it. Just look at the sloppy workmanship, it's as if a six year old took the art work of his retarted cousin and tried to copy it. You seem to lack major motor skills and perhaps should just cut off your hands so such things are never again seen by the eyes of man. For having two months experience, you seem to be drawing worse than with someone with no experience. You say you made in this four days? Ha, I make better things in half an hour. You didn't even mention the most important fact about the series and therefor fail. For some reason you didn't even talk about the younger brother, Al, who is the main character and the reason why this show is called "fullmetal." Btw why did he lose his leg? in the original he keeps his leg throughout the ENTIRE story and loses his arm in the beginning. You sir, are a troll.

BoobMarley responds:

A for effort, but just a bit too obvious.

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2011
3:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody