Fullmetal Arithmetist

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Made with two months Flash experience over the course of four days.
*Front Paged from 8/19/11 - 8/31/11. Thanks for the ego.


Great job

The art in this was actually amazing. This brought back so much nostalgia!

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It's alright.

The quality of the music could be improved, as well the facial expressions too. The facial expressions is too stale and weak. The animation was smooth. Just the music, background and facial expression should be improved.

BoobMarley responds:

The faces were supposed to be still for most of it to contribute to a slow, solemn atmosphere. There are a couple places where I would have liked to had them emote a little stronger though, so I know where you're coming from.

I don't care what the others say

After watching the whole series, this is bloody hilarious. Well thought up.

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It was alright, could use more effort into facial expressions though, putting more attention and time into fine details (or any at all for that matter) Will really bring your animations to life. As it stands, it both looks and feels flat.

By the way, nice attention whoring with the FYI. Nothing increases View/Vote count like telling people that thier opinions are wasted.

BoobMarley responds:

Thanks for the View/Vote, idiot.

Where to begin?

As you clearly don't care about constructive criticism, this is just going to be one long review of me stating my personal views and opinions of the above flash. Weather or not you take anything from it is your own business.

Putting it simply, it could use a bit of work. The beginning is a bit...flat. You might consider adding even a single line of dialog between Ed and Al exchanging looks. Speaking of looks, the expressions are weak. With Al it looks more like "Oh dear, someone spilled juice on my good shirt." rather than "Holy crap, I'm being deconstructed!" and Ed looks more like he scraped a knee rather than lost his leg, something you may want to work on in the future. Even the action isn't very aesthetically pleasing, if you were trying to emulate the series a flash of light or even a bright glow from the chalkboard after the number "0" had been drawn would have worked rather than the hands just reaching out from it. These are only examples of things that could be improved to make the flash seem more impressive. A voice actor wouldn't have killed you either, just look around newgrounds and you're bound to find one.

As a fan of the actual anime (both the original and Brotherhood) I wasn't terribly impressed. There was very little originality, even in following the events of the show there were parts that went missing that could have been added to not only lengthen the flash but add more action as a whole. Was it suppose to be a parody? I didn't really find it amusing, mostly it made me want to watch Fullmetal, but not much else.

In closing, it could use some work. Two months of flash experience isn't a lot to start with, I might suggest fiddling around and really fine-tuning things before making it public, and it only took you four days to make? Given it isn't a terrible animation, for the time you put into it, but it's not great. A good flash can take weeks, even months, to finish or until the artist is satisfied that he/she has done their best and will be proud of the works they put out.

Stepping into the creative community with a bad attitude will not help you in the long run, you'll only end up getting mostly useless posts about how you're a jerk and your flash sucks, it is not a good way to start. Coming in with little experience in the field and demanding respect from your 'peers' will only get you shunned, nobody will want to see future flashes from someone who doesn't care about the views of the audience he is presenting to. Aslo, if you wonder why everyone thinks that way, maybe you shouldn't provoke people by telling them their opinions don't count right from the start. This is the internet, they will give you their opinions weather you want them or not, if you come off as less aggressive maybe the viewers would be more inclined to be constructive rather than simply say "It sucks" just so you can retaliate in the same fashion.

I hope this has been enlightening, even slightly, as it wasn't written with the intent of hostility toward you or your work. If anything it's a reminder that the other members, artists/animators or not, are the ones who rate your flash. Even if they have no experience on the subject they still get to decide if your work is 'good' or not based on their own opinions, something to keep in mind for next time.

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BoobMarley responds:

The first thing I did when I saw this review was click your username to help get an idea about what this impending shit-storm was going to be about. Welp, nothing there but a list of your favorite things. Great.

The second thing I did was read the first sentence, "you clearly don't care about constructive criticism".

The third thing I did was open up the response box to type the above sentences, followed by these ones:
I care about constructive criticism, as you would see if you took the time to read some past reviews. Most reviews however, are content-less, unhelpful drivel written by angry baby-bitches. I care only enough about them to write nasty things in response.

Your ignorance has unfortunately landed you in their lot.

I am really, truly sorry if you thought that I was going to read any of your review past that first sentence.
Thanks for the 5 though.

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2011
3:59 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody