Test Subject Blue

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Play as Blue an enzyme in a bio suit that must overcome dangerous tests with wrapping portals and orange enzymes for the watching scientist!



I loved the game's concept, it made for an interesting time waster.

A fun time-waster, but not Nitrome's best.

After Faultline and Chisel, I've come to expect great things from Nitrome. I can always rely on them really bringing a Flash game to life with their strangely detailed and charismatic pixel-art, their puzzle games, and their ideas. "Test Subject Blue" brings all of the above to the table...except for the last one.

Whenever I see the phrase "Test Subject" in the title or description of a game, I'm immediately inclined to take it with a Kilamanjaro's worth of salt. I buckled down and tried this game, only because of the quality of the game creator's previous releases, and found that TSB is a (quite obvious) blend of both Portal and Spewer. The game is set in a test chamber (Portal) ruled by a gigantic overlooking scientist (Spewer), and you, some sort of blob-like creature with projectile powers (Spewer) must clear the levels through physics puzzles (Portal and Spewer) using portals (Duh).

The mechanics work great, and the gameplay is fine, but nothing in the game kept me going. There was no clear reward for beating the levels. It felt more like a time grind than an adventure; there was nothing to gain, only to jump through hoops to keep the thirty-foot egg-headed Einstein happily scribbling notes.

It looks pretty, and there's hardly any glitches to be found, but despite the cuteness of the little blue enzyme, it feels almost soulless, like it borrowed so much from others that it forgot to add its own identity. It's worth a try, but Nitrome has so many other titles that pass this by leaps and bounds, so I'd recommend those first in a heartbeat.

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didn't realy like it all that much

Is this testing for boredom in players?

The "puzzles" (if they can be called that) are mainly just simple and simple to slove but are dragged out so you've solved it in two seconds but thanks to serval gameplay flaws it takes much longer than it should.
Besides, your main idea (putting the greens walls in inconveant so walking into the wrong one which is normaly in front of your goal sets you back) is really easy to figure out so makes your first 10 or so stages moot. and because they take so long this doesn't m ake your want to persist for longer.

And its not hard to figure out where your inspration came from (Blue+Orange, Portals, Testing...I could go on. I was half expecting a evil A.I to gas the scientist) but it is hard to figure out where your shcooling came from. Don't you know what an emzyme is?
Also why did you make it so Blues gun is Rapid Fire in mid-air? if you hold down Space in mid air its fires faster than if you hold fire down on the ground. Try it.

Waiting for sequel

I had a good time with this game and then completed Test Subject Green (which is a much more fun) on Nitrome site. Cute pixel art and music but the game is just a bit repetitive... Also I don't like the fact that after my respawn most of the enemies don't come back to have some more fight with me... That made a game too easy and not very challenging. 5 stars to this game for art, 8 to it's sequel. So we get 6,5 stars.
PS: +1,5 stars for the third part of Test Subject series that will be released in future. I believe it will be nice game.

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3.69 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2011
10:04 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle