Super Block Boy

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Take control of Block Boy as you try to complete each level in the fastest time possible. Place blocks around the level using the mouse, before taking control of Block Boy himself and making a quick dash to the exit, dodging chainsaws, mines and rockets along the way.

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nice platformer with minor flaws

Overall, I enjoyed it, but there are a few suggestions for improvement:
- Auto-Save the progress!!! While it's a short game, not everyone wants to take the time to finish it in one sitting.
- This needs an additional option to restart the level (timer) with the same block placement. Placing the blocks again on each attempt isn't fun. I.E. "restart level", "retry", "send in next clone".
- It should display the time needed to get the next golden block on each level. Not only will this provide a tangible target, it'll also reward players when reaching times way below the target time.
- The turrets should be synchronized to the last reset. Doing so will remove some of the randomness, allowing you to figure in the turrets in the perfect path (instead of trying again and again until they cooperate).

I've got 3 blocks on all levels but 4.2, where even 11.88s doesn't seem to be enough - but I couldn't find a shorter route.

I'm hoping for Super Block Boy 2 with new levels, new obstacles and the changes mentioned above.

OldmanBiles responds:

Thanks for the in depth review mate.
The whole resetting the time without resetting the blocks was always a major thing during development. I saw it as a penalty for resetting your time and I've had people prefer either direction. It will be seriously considered or even changed depending on what the community prefer for a sequel. I think it would probably be better for the E button to reset the time and character and just ignore the R button all together.
I admit that the display over the levels was an unfortunate tack on near the end of development when I realised that the user needed some indication on what time they needed to complete the minimum requirements of a level. This is the aspect of the game I'm the least happy with.

I have plenty of things that I wanted to add to this game, Online leaderboards, more obstacles, some semblance of a story and the biggest being a level editor.
If the community takes to this game well then plans for a sequel will go into full swing with all of the above changes. I really do think a level editor could make SBB one of those games that people come back to.

The bug on 4.2 will be fixed and changed tonight, during playtesting hours before release a friend picked up on this bug but I forgot to note down what level it was and I hadn't been able to find it again.

dont like it



Nice solid platformer gameplay with puzzle elements in adding the blocks. The graphics are alright although the background could be a bit better as it's mostly white now.

One thing that was annoying though was that your time doesn't reset when you die. I can't understand why not? You need to hit "R" to reset the level to reset your time, but that removes your blocks. So there is the annoying part; you need to reset to reset time which removes your placed blocks which means you need to replace them every time. You should just reset time when you die and let your blocks stay where they are.

too buggy

The first block I pick up automatically places itself behind the block selector, so I can't remove or make use of it. Fix that bug, because at the moment this game is unplayable.

i hate level 1.2

cant get 3 blocks. 5.06s min time

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3.58 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
10:06 PM EDT
Puzzles - Other