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You have been chosen to be Earth's new BioBalancer.

Earth is the most powerful planet in our galaxy and your job is to protect other planets from being destroyed by attackers while managing to keep Earth's supremacy.

Your decisions and combat performance will determine your success.

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The game got pretty hard at times with the massive attackes happening to the planets with the lowest power. Also thought that getting money should be easier to come by.

an interesting game, with a fresh and unique concept, and a nice ''defend each planet/element'' feature in it.

the controls were versatile. the story was cool, the actions/dialogue was good and funny, and the whole design/function of the game was very nice.

a good sci-fi game, i liked it.
good work!

nice game ,love thw concept

but need more weapond and upgrades and eseyer money but overall very good


This must stay on newgrounds it is good and i will prolly play many times

Decent shooter, Nice concept. Sticky movements,

I like the idea of all the planets needing to be balanced. You can choose which planets to defend or allow to be attacked in order to balance them out. I did not like to cooldown bar, would have preferred ammo but thats just me. Sometimes i got stuck along paths that seemed open, on corners that didnt really show by the art. The different background were nice. Perhaps Q&E to change weapons would be good. Would be nice if the reward money at then of the rounds increased. Collecting money from dead attackers often got me too far away to defend, but maybe that was bad technique on my part. Enjoyable game, got to round 21.