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Counter click!

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The purpose of counter click is to keep clicking the button to gain points.
Eventually if your getting borred post your score in the revieuws.

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I could litterally make this in 5 diffrent coding languages.
And i have little to no programming skills.

Still if i AM bored i DID'NT like it.


@Matrix12, wow your an asshole. He just said he was 12 years old, dont bash him like this.

However the game itself isn't really even worth the server-memory. It's just awful in nearly all ways possible, you misspelled about every word (as mentioned before) and it didnt require any skill to make. Neither the graphics took you longer than 2 minutes nor the programming. This just isn't worth posting, and you know that yourself. However, keep on trying, perhaps you'll get to it once.

another crap game

this is just another terrible game by you. it had just no point to it at all and did not have a lot of thought put into it. all you did was click a button until another button popped up. wow you have a vast sense of creativity (sarcasm). there was no background and your spelling was just awful. i believe you lack the ability to make good games. please do not post anything unless you have anything good to show. simply just crap.