Bob's Busy Boxing Biz

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Send Wrong Order

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Completely Fill 3x3x3 Box

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Blood Sweat Tears 100 Points

Work Through A Full Month

Entrepreneur 100 Points

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Author Comments

Use your mouse - click on something to go to it, once near object, further clicks do other functions. The first level has some walkthrough stuff to follow.

Instructions via KiaMatarie:
1 get the list off the computer
2 grab all the products you need
3 lay them on table
4 grab a box they will all fit in
5 put the objects in the box so they will all fit without overfilling box
(you can rotate box and objects to make them fit better)
6 hit the ship button

Post if you have problems. Thanks.



I Found the in game help too difficult to understand. which made to game play hard and not as fun as games similar to this

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confusing controls

I got the hang of it but I didnt really like the rotating controls for the packing box itself. Didnt find it as fun as I was hoping. But great appeal, none the less!

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Good but sometimes impossible

Well this turned out to be a good game since you get to see a bit into Bob's normal daily life at the office of shipping things everyday. Strangely though the longer you play the more items you need to fill the boxes and sometimes you need to be able to click really fast to fill the box. Found it hard sometimes since the box would spin from time to time should I try to fit something in there.

The game play and concept seems to be simple which is to fill the boxes of every order that you get and screwing up or leaving things out will always cost you some cash but if you have a large amount and tend to be unable to fit one item in then it may be ok to leave something out from time to time to get all the orders done on time.

I found that the more I played that the more orders I had to do in constrained time limit. Sometimes I would find the level nearly impossible to complete due to the mystery box. It was a reference to tetris I know but sheesh, sometimes even after filling the box in every possible way it was just plain impossible to fit in that last mystery box since it came in a shape that was unable to fit in with everything else so I had to leave it out of the order just to get everything on time.

The music was alright and at least you can turn that and the sound off on this. That is one positive I found here while helping Bob fill his orders every day on the game. On a side note a choice in a couple of other songs would be nice to have here instead of just the same loop that may annoy some users. Do that and that would make it a bit better I think.

As for some game mechanics I find annoying is that from time to time you can NOT fill every box 100% of the time due to the random outcome of what shape the mystery box will be. To fix this a 4x4x4 box would be very helpful to the player so they could get all the orders filled. The ability to give Bob a different outfit after so many levels would also make this game a bit funner as well. That and maybe could have asked Bob to record his voice so you could possibly hear it after finishing the game or starting at the start of the game.

Another thing that would be nice and helpful here is a save button. This ways players do not have to start it all over again from the very start of the game when they quit or get frustrated and need a break before coming back to the game before trying to fill more orders into the boxes.

The medals were fun and easy to earn anyways so that was good here. Medals made the game fun for me anyways.

Overall, I find this to be a good game but could have there to make it more pleasurable for the player:
~ A 4x4x4 box
~ A | shaped mystery box
~ Save button
~ Maybe having Sherbert lay down some place in the room?
~ More choice in music

Good game even though later into the game the mystery boxes start to annoy you a lot...

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i gave it a three becuase it gets repetitive and a good little time waster also the guys who are saying its too complicated it isnt you're acting like retards all you have to do is make it fit how hard is it to just do THAT. im susprised people are saying that

I voted 3...it's made well, but it's sterile.

+Everything looks great. Animations are smooth, the 3D models, while low in polygon count, get the message across perfectly, and I found no fault with them. Bob maintains a wide, insane grin on his face despite the soul crushing environment that surrounds him.

-The learning curve is a bit steep, but I think I got the hang of it by the second or third in-game day. The opening tutorial and how-to-play chart is helpful, but it's a little weakly established. Even below, kids are still having a difficult time following along. I did too. Bob is alone in there the entire time, it could help if he had a staff member or something better establish how to run things for the player's sake...unless Bob specifically said "nah fuck that, nobody showed ME how to do this...just tell them this does that, this is this, good luck trolololol"

-I finally received a game over for not being fast enough, getting fired by a happy Tom Fulp. I'll ignore how depressing this is until later...but there was no indication that time was running out. At one point I had paused to answer a phone call, but the time seemed little more than some sort of score keeper. The threat that my time would run out was neither established, nor brought to my attention that time was running low (via warning sound or blinking red timer. Nothing). It was very unceremoniously abrupt...and that, admittedly, left a bad taste in my mouth. No warning, just immediate termination after ALLL my hard "work." :P

+The audio/sfx adjustment levels are refreshingly specific in the pause menu, allowing the player to adjust whichever they want to their comfortable specifications.

-That minute long loop gets pretty annoying very quickly. With little audio diversity, it's only a matter of time before you turn "USSR Goodness" off because it only reminds you of....

-...the deadening monotony of it all. This might not be a fault when you consider this is listed as a "Job Simulation" flash game, which before today I never even realized was an actual category on Newgrounds...but in terms of a flash game which you would play for fun, it wears out very quickly. There's nothing to break up the pace of the same task over and over again except for the report at the end of each day. Eventually you just look forward to it after the first time you get an order wrong just to check if you did it all right, because there's no other indication in game. That's not very fun at all.

Why not some minigames in between days? Coffee breaks, where you can do something silly or mindless, or where Bob can interact with the staff? Is this simulation implying that Bob is antisocial, and is perfectly content with spending his entire day in this stuffy, windowless room, packing orders, and slaving away with no breaks?

With no environment changes, no diversity in the gameplay outside of "Whoops, guess I need a bigger box!" this becomes less fun and moreso depressing...eSPECIALLY with that damn music farting away in the background, never changing.

On one end it's a BRILLIANT method to advertise the NG store, and emulate the booming economy that churns away in the background that keeps this site running...but there's not much fun to this interactive store ad. The closest to it is coming up with some clever arrangement for the randomized Tetris-shaped mystery boxes. But that's it. Looking at the achievements, there's one in there for "Work Through a Full (in game) Month" ..."Earn $10,000?" ...if it were mentally stimulating I'd be all for it.

But sadly...it's kinda deadening. :C I love your work, Zirbes, and I positively assume Bob is a badass, who bosses these tasks like the motivated machine that he is. If it were easy everybody would do it. It's a great game idea, but it's just too sterile...there's nothing to break up the pace, and diversify the same task over and over again. Even Mario swam from time to time.

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3.46 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
10:43 AM EDT
Simulation - Job