Bob's Busy Boxing Biz

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Bankrupt 5 Points

Send Newgrounds Into the Red

Falcon 5 Points

Finish Fast

Retarded 5 Points

Send Wrong Order

Trainee 5 Points

Finish First Day

Calendar 10 Points

Add 2011 Calendar to Store Inventory

Captain 10 Points

Add Tankmen Figurine to Store Inventory

Castle Crasher 10 Points

Add Castle Crasher Figurine to Store Inventory

Hip-Hop 10 Points

Add Hip-Hop 2010 CD to Store Inventory

Meat Boy 10 Points

Add MeatBoy Game to Store Inventory

Newgrounds 10 Points

Add Newgrounds Poster to Store Inventory

Tankmen 10 Points

Add Tankmen Poster to Store Inventory

No Mistakes 25 Points

All Orders Correct For First 15 Days

Penicorn 25 Points

Add Penicorn to Store Inventory

Tight Fit 25 Points

Completely Fill Many Boxes

Do Not Bend 50 Points

Completely Fill 3x3x3 Box

Mystery Box 50 Points

Add Mystery Box to Store Inventory

Blood Sweat Tears 100 Points

Work Through A Full Month

Entrepreneur 100 Points

Earn $10,000.00

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

Use your mouse - click on something to go to it, once near object, further clicks do other functions. The first level has some walkthrough stuff to follow.

Instructions via KiaMatarie:
1 get the list off the computer
2 grab all the products you need
3 lay them on table
4 grab a box they will all fit in
5 put the objects in the box so they will all fit without overfilling box
(you can rotate box and objects to make them fit better)
6 hit the ship button

Post if you have problems. Thanks.


Not bad but

I didn't get any of the orders wrong and still lost. What?

oh hard little

its rock bit sell you bunkruf no game

Awesome game.

Great game.
I am so awesome at this game.

Even that this is like a Simulation game.

Cool... but.

It looks really good, but I have a hard time figuring out what to do, the tutorial level doesn't seem very helpful (maybe that is just me)

Why are you using the Soviet National Anthem as a theme btw? :D

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Pretty good!

Enjoyable twist on the time management type games, up to level 10 and still having fun. Seems like there's a lot of time left over but I'm guessing it gets worse later on.

Pros: Once I figured out the + and - buttons, found them to be really useful so you aren't accidently grabbing stuff off the wrong shelves.

Cons: the music is pretty repetitive after a while. Window seems a bit small and crowded.


- Perhaps adding a tech tree or various things to use your profits on to add more depth to gameplay, such as buying the extra products yourself or other things to assist you in packing or walk faster or hold more items. Maybe having packing material to place in the gaps for a bonus. That sort of thing.

- A save feature would be nice.

- Possible "hardcore" mode where it's a bit more nitpicky. e.g.: Lose points for stacking boxes on top of posters unless you have an upgrade which puts the poster in a hard cardboard tube that can't be crushed or things like that.

- Maybe making the playing area a bit larger and not crowding stuff together so much, it feels kinad clunky in the interface too at times, like when packing or adding/removing items.

Overall it's pretty addicting, probably one of my favorites now.

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Credits & Info

3.46 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
10:43 AM EDT
Simulation - Job