Viagra For Kids

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Yes this is a very interesting movie you would probably be and yes it is. The idea came to me when I thought of the idea of children taking Viagra and what their parents would say when they saw their children with boners.
One of my friends told me that if a child were to take Viagra when they didn't need it they would have to get their dick drained or something like that is it true?



This had so much potential - good animation, decent style, amusing jokes, but the punchline (and it's voice acting) was terrible. That's the only reason this has bombed.

Sorry, bro

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hairygiraffe responds:

yeah the punchline was a bit dumb and yeah the voice acting was pretty average that's why I need voice actors but I dont really know anyone who would have time for this.


they have a beer that is called weinerbeer,it's like viagra and beer mixed into one,and they have laws that state if you can see over the bar you can have a beer,so somewhere i feel this may be happening.this is a disterbing flash but,it is funny.

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Funny as hell

I can't belive this has such a low score. I was laughing the entire time. Keep up the good work and don't let the low score get you down man, this IS a really good Flash cartoon.

And about the dick draining thing, I don't think that's true. They would just have a boner all day.


fuck that was hilarysu (hilaryus)

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hairygiraffe responds:

Glad you think that thanks for the comment.

Not Now, Silent Singer!

Oh how I approve.

Content wasn't my thing, but the animation was rather good. Voice acting was good too.

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3.03 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
7:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Original