Shooter Defense

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In this game, instead of building towers to shoot enemies down, you actually control your Shooters to shoot the enemies like in a shooter game!
In addition to that, bullets that your Shooters shoot do not only deal damage to enemies, but they also collide with enemies pushing them back. The harder the bullets hits the enemy, the larger damage it will do.
Some bullets can also explode, dealing area damage while blasting enemies in the area away!

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I like it

The menu screenswd is a little to much text. After a while you know the controls and you dont need a reminder. I think it could be inproved by introducing new enemys earlier in the game .

Great Game

It was designed quite well in my opinion. The controls were nice, and the variety of weapons was great. Weapon design was great, along with their creative descriptions and unique usage and stats.

But, there were barely any waves. All the sudden I had won and I only had 3 turrets and none of them had the tier 3 weapons. Also the music was really repetitive. Some of the menus and instructions were very cluttered, even when they were minimized. The colors were quite harsh on the eyes too. Also, I think the game would have been a bit easier if there was just one view instead of all the zooming and panning viewing controls.

I did like it though, I wish it was longer.

TheWye responds:

Hi, thanks for the comments and ideas. I will consider them for future updates!

" the sudden I had won and I only had 3 turrets and none of them had the tier 3 weapons."

Wait wait, did you only play the intro level? There are 4 maps with a total of 50+ waves you know?

Credits & Info

3.84 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2011
1:41 AM EDT
Strategy - Other