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Definitely deserved an award

One of the best clockday productions this year, extremely well done.

I really like how your approach to flash has fleshed itself out and managed to impress with spurts of downright good animation.

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lol si u

never before has something scripted by BB10 been so entertaining beyond the realm of spoof.


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ClockRadio responds:

haha this movie may be worse off with you now knowing that I wrote the script myself!

Thanks, rob.


This is so moving. I cried manly tears.

I also enjoyed your Pass the Flash 2 part!

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ClockRadio responds:

Double thanks again Hyundai!

A heartwarming tale

This movie looks like Academy Award material.

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ClockRadio responds:

do not be deceived!

very beautifull v film.

truly, a great piece, from the art(which was fluid, like the house, and the bb10-fighting, and the kid/human who was in the movie) , to the style(the house drawing, was good, but man, very colour-less, and looked like it could have more to it.. so, add more! you've got LOTS of talent, man!) and a nice story/humour(great story, very touching, but it also had slight humour, despite the drama... like the bb10-having eggs. what am i? a hen? a bb-hen? no, sir, i'm bb10! not bb-hen. ;) u)

also, the story was great, and quite touching, but i have some questions.
-who was the guy(human, the child) and was he doing/what's his relation with bb10? (i'm just' puzzl''ed.1)

-why carrot, and strawberry helped bb10? and if so, why carrot? is bb10 the peace-maker?

-why a frog attacks them wants to hurt bb10's kids?

-and what happens in the end? does bb10 dies? he doesn't, or..what happens?

and lastly, what happens, in to the bb10's offspring/childen?
what happens to his kids? it's so sad!
uhh, i suggest that you do a sequel showing at least who is that kid, what happens to bb10/and to the kids of bb10/and or what happens to all, this time.

this was very god mind me, im just helping with the story, cause i think it had no clear ending.

uhh, also, as lotus, VERY correctly states, it really reminds me of tomas, e-le fraise..! great movie, and so is this, 2!
do more, sir! you've got talent! do more! bravo!

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ClockRadio responds:

Thank you bb10!

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4.08 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2011
11:50 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 16, 2011