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Happy Clock Day everyone.
What started out as a fun little project ended up growing into a backbreaking and time-consuming beast of a flash. I Had a blast making it though, and I hope You'll enjoy.


I shat an antler once

But that's besides the point. What a beautiful movie, really well done!

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you Sir. Glad you enjoyed it and that it didn't make you shit another one...

Great job Inky...

Clocks like you.. constantly challenging the status quo and showing the world that we indeed are artists... make this place worth coming to. Thanks for a beautiful animation!

FoXcatO responds:

Wow... thank you very much for the kind words, dude! You guys constantly inspire me to work hard on my flash.

What kind of drugs were you on when you made this

and where can i get some?

FoXcatO responds:

It's a secret that I will reveal to you when you're ready.

You've made me feel a wide range of emotions.

And I like that.

This is the kind of flash that I love stumbling upon. Though without any real sotry or purpose, this flash invokes emtions from me that I can't explain.

Animation: Since you used a mix of "clay-mation" and regular animation, the flash felt like it was divided into sections. The clay sections made me feel especially emotional, like I were watching Forest Gump again. The regular animation was smooth and suited for this flash's tone.

Music: It fit the mood well. Again, it added a lot of emotion to an otherwise random little flash.

Stroy: No real story to tell here, but along the way I felt the characters long journey, I felt his descent into the unknown, and most of all, I felt for him.

Great execution. I am excited for your upcoming projects.

P.S. I'm re-submitting this review because of Canas the mod being hacked.

FoXcatO responds:

Thank you for this very in-depth review again:)

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Credits & Info

3.91 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2011
6:53 PM EDT
Music Video