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Insert Title Here: Part B

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It took over a year and a half to finally get this movie together, but it was well worth the wait.

Insert Title Here is a unique and special collaboration in which each part is made up within the course of three days. Each artist is responsible for furthering the plot in which ever way they please. So what happens when the Clock Crew signs up 34 of its finest artists and simply tell them to pass the flash? Well now, we don't want to ruin that surprise for you.

Happy Clock Day to everyone everywhere. Thank you for 10 years of excellence. The Clock Crew loves you!

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Great, great and... great! As you asked for a title, here's a convincing one (guess where it comes from...): "I'd appreciate some input".

Wow, this is one of the longest Clock flashes I've ever seen! It lasts at a whopping 21 minutes. You guys should have released this with the first part and make the longest flash on the website! I appreciate the many different styles of approaches used in this. There were so many, I don't remember a favorite. I can't believe I somehow missed this when it first came to the Portal.

I liked the way you selected scenes. It was pretty hard to keep up with everything. The best part was probably how you got to see StrawberryClock's parents. I mean, he appears so often you should at least see them once. I remember the disco aliens.

BoltClock responds:

We did release both parts (separately, due to size limitations at the time) but the first part was among those purged for using copyrighted audio :(

(This new co-author review response feature is amazeballs)

Aliens are lactose intollerant mothafucka...

The end was hilarious. I like it how somepeople try to make a good story, and then the next person completely ruins it, but that's what makes it so funny.

Great job

Even if I had more time to animate I still couldn't have been good enough to participate in this. Great, great job, everyone!


The score for these needs to be higher. I laughed, I cried, I died inside (when it was over).