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SBC Is Awesome 2

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Baby Steps 5 Points

Level up for the first time

Bomberman 5 Points

Cause 15 explosions

Slow Motion 5 Points

Enter slow motion mode

The Bad End 5 Points

Get the bad ending

The Good End 5 Points

Get the good ending

Fruit Cocktail 10 Points

Kill 5 fruits with one shot

Living The High Life 10 Points

Have 500 coins or more

Sharp Shooter 10 Points

Complete a level with every bullet hitting an enemy

Unlock All Levels 10 Points

Unlocked all levels

Maximum Accuracy 25 Points

Reach the maximum accuracy level

Maximum Damage 25 Points

Reach the maximum damage level

Maximum Fire Speed 25 Points

Reach the maximum fire speed level

One Of Your 5 A Day 25 Points

Kill the boss

Speed Racer 25 Points

Reach the maximum speed level

Level 10 50 Points

Reach level 10, coincidentally also your mental age - sorry, that was harsh, let me take you out for dinner

Author Comments

This is my game for Clock Day, I didn't think I would be able to finish it in time because I forgot about Clock Day until about 4 days ago. I didn't finish it how I would have liked to, enemy and graphic wise but I'm okay with this, and at least I can sleep now.

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well i couldnt figure out how to use the missle but i didnt need it anyway

Really addicting game! The animation is very smooth and professional, the graphics are cool. You'll get 5 stars from me.

This has got to be one of the most underrated games here on NG, and only three reviews? Woah, better change that, with this one the amount will rise with 25%! Or 33%, depending on how you count it. I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The graphics are supersmooth, and the effects, the explosions in particular, remind me of the Synj-like effects in games like Alien Hominid that I've always found just awesome. The backgrounds are just as smooth as the gameplay is, and even though there are just three levels there's a useful upgrade system in a variety of weapons that makes for great replayability of the game. Overall the game is a bit easy, especially the boss-fight, but I'm not sure if that's a bad quality or not because each level is a real pleasure to play. The only thing I'm missing are sound effects. Great work! If there isn't already, I hope there will be a third!


An Improvement

I feel that this game is an improvement over the previous one, SBC Is Awesome.

First of all, I loved how you incorporated upgrades and different weapons. That really prevented me from getting bored with the same old weapons. On that note, the more varied environments were a great change, providing a nice switch of scenery. The enemies in this game were also a lot more dynamic, actually moving on the y axis instead of staying vertically stationary. Incorporating a menu into the game also gave it a bit more polish.

Unfortunately, there are also a few things you could improved on. For one, I didn't feel all that awesome when shooting a laser or firing a shotgun. That is, the weapons didn't feel like weapons, they felt quite lackluster. Adding sound effects to each of the weapons and maybe tweaking the damage done for each weapon would help to improve that quality. One subtle thing that I found irksome was how the buttons didn't react when I clicked on them. I mean, they worked and all, but the buttons didn't enlarge or change in any way when I moused over them, taking away from the effect. Something to consider in future games is to change the music every so often, such as on different levels or different parts of the menu.

Overall, amazing job with SBC Is Awesome 2. It is a definite improvement over the original, so keep up the good work.


i was waiting for a sequel.

Rooble responds:

Thanks, still confused how this one did so much worse that the first one (which was pretty shit). :>