The Complete Duck.FLA

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I had a more awesome movie to make for Clock Day, but all my sound files for it got corrupted, and I got so annoyed by it that I chucked this together instead.

Anyway, Duck.FLA, what more can be said about this proud creature? Here now is a collection of some of his most thrilling adventures, including some all-new material never seen before! Hope you like it, and Happy Clock Day!



just look at all these here duck.fla

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next year

Is 5 years of duck.fla. I smell a new holiday!


~ The Criterion Collection ~

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I liked it.

Despite it featuring the same thing over many ties, although each with its own variation. Now, for me, I have never fully understood the, obsession shall we say, of the duck for the Clock Crew. B is easier to understand as it is the founding stone of the crew. The duck is something that is often spammed everywhere. Now, while in many cases, the simple spamming of something results in it being disliked, and I admit I can be one of those persons who dislike such a thing. Yet, this duck, I seem to enjoy. It, like B, shares simplicity, whereas many things that are spammed show some form of effort, this duck, almost feels as though there is an ultimate master plan behind it. To me, it feels as though it is spammed, not as a 'copy cat' system, with people posting the same thing over and over because it is 'funny' or that it is 'the next big thing'. No, this is used over and over because of it being such a heavy running joke. But to say it is only a joke is foolish, no, it is more than that, a work of art, in its own class. Whereas the Mona Lisa is seen as one of the greatest pieces of artwork, and Dali is known for his surreal natured works, but this, this is art because of its usage. It is used, and edited so much by the CC, that it is a monument to the great and highly adaptive, albeit sometimes bizarre, sense of humour that is seen throughout the CC submissions. Now while this may be seen by some as a worthless and lazy attempt at a flash, to my eyes, it shows the prowess and grandeur, of one of the Clock Crews more used, yet often overlooked, masterpieces. And to this, I thank you, for uploading such a grand piece of work, showing the simple, but highly brilliant sense of humour seen throughout the Clock Crew.


this movie is so special, all of it is great! The graphics are truly amazing, keep this on forever.

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Aug 15, 2011
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