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The Meteor!

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Author Comments

1st real cartoon I've done. Hope you enjoy it!
*Note* I did NOT write a script for this

I have read over some reviews and comments from my previous animations and I have tried to iron out some of the issues in this one. As they say "Practice Makes Perfect!"

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dude this is freken hilarious!

i was laughing mah ass off the 300 black guy joke and the friken misllle looked like a dick two
nice animation

Pretty good.

I liked it. The story was cool and easy to understand. One thing I didn't like was the voice acting. A little bit of enthusiasm goes a long way. Also, breathing in the mic didn't help, but hey, atleast you had voice acting, so I give you props for that. All in all, I liked it, but it could've been better. 6.

the best movie evar

the best

Comicalcartoon responds:

Wow thanks!


You have talent, that's clear alright. But you need to get a better microphone, seriously, or just get a voice actor (you can find one in the forums). Anyways, good luck with your future flashes.

Comicalcartoon responds:

Thanks man! Yeah a new mic is a Priority right now

Wow! It awesome!

I wish I can animate like you... :(
Can you pls. tell me what sites did you go to for animating tutorials...
I really want to animate so badly!!!!
The animation is so cool by the way!

Comicalcartoon responds:

Thanks for the response! :D
If you want to animate first off get your self flash,
Second have a mic (get a good one, trust me look at my comments)
Have a story or a joke and get to work. If you want some sites try Oney's tutorial on YouTube