Bobby: Afterlife

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I did this while having a fever and a lot of headache, and I was feeling kind of slow but irritated. Suddenly it was long enough to post on Newgrounds, and so I did and somehow it ended up on the front page (thanks for that!). You can look as far into it if you want, but while it looks 2deep4u I can't say with a straight face that I had any specific message in mind.

See it as a fever dream.


I dont think other people understand...

but this is about a MURDERAWR! (mispelling intentional) i thought it was pretty short though. maybe make it easier to follow whats happening. other than that though, i like your style of art/drawing in the animation. 9/10

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Loved it.

I love seeing really creepy animation like this on newgrounds. Nice Job.


I think i can see what you were going for, and i like it. its dark, its strange, and most of all because its not thrown in peoples faces it makes them figure it out themselves. If you made this in 2 days then bravo all the more because i sure as hell couldnt. Keep up the good work, maybe make this a series?


People are giving this horrible scors.. because they don't get it? That's sad. What is this world coming to?

im minding the fuck outta you nickname

i belive you were afraid of your father or something related to that shit

i like the animation, i like the srtyle, i find the feeling coherent and oppesed as many movies like this, THERE IS A MESSEGE TO GRASP, some ppl think they can make some random abstract crap and call it art, this, on the other hand, is clear neat and well done

congratulation, you have won a thousand internets

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2011
7:50 PM EDT