Bobby: Afterlife

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I did this while having a fever and a lot of headache, and I was feeling kind of slow but irritated. Suddenly it was long enough to post on Newgrounds, and so I did and somehow it ended up on the front page (thanks for that!). You can look as far into it if you want, but while it looks 2deep4u I can't say with a straight face that I had any specific message in mind.

See it as a fever dream.



call me a guy with no taste or whatever you want to!!
But the whole video felt like it was trying to hard to be a "artsy, dramatic clip".
Don't get me wrong how you animated was great, and you have so much potential.
but still you could do much better!
i say this with love man, so good job :)

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The Summary

I like you'r style of drawing. And sound is... well... err... psychodelic >:]

I found a guy who creates like me :D good flash

The animation was good. I usually watch weird stuff or at least I prefer it because you can feel something extraordinary. I think strange animations need to be more because It's interesting to watch something that is not like the others. This animation was good in terms of what it should be. In my opinion this should be a weid animation and does it well. Check my animations if u want.

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Dunso responds:

I believe I will.


not like i hate your style of drawing, but well it not clear enough, too random will make people have bad opinion. Try some thing about the sound effect too, it lack something.

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2011
7:50 PM EDT