Bobby: Afterlife

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I did this while having a fever and a lot of headache, and I was feeling kind of slow but irritated. Suddenly it was long enough to post on Newgrounds, and so I did and somehow it ended up on the front page (thanks for that!). You can look as far into it if you want, but while it looks 2deep4u I can't say with a straight face that I had any specific message in mind.

See it as a fever dream.


this is

scary as hell

weird but....

i love your drawing style but story dont like it.


yeah, but it was very well done

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I haven't checked out anything else you've done, but I will now. This flash was definitely a thinker, but I don't know what i'm thinking about. Very nonsensical, in the way that someone speaking another language is. I do hope you make more flashes like this.


To start off, the effects that are looping in the background in the beginning are really nice, gives the viewer a slight idea of what's going to happen. Then it all breaks out with a guy being tossed out of a flower, nice touch there and good animation.

The shadow in the doorway is pretty creepy but kinda out of the box, however, the music saves this in a very nice way due to it being so fked up. Then the radio blows up wich itself makes no sense at all. Then the creepy beings starts to talk and different types of zooms are made, all in all nicely excecuted. It's creepy alright.

So, for the grades, as it is in the Experimental Genre and it's this fked up, I would most certainly give this flash a 10/10. Even if I am unable to get the story behind and I haven't watched your previous bobby movies, now, I might just do that.

Powa to the swedes! <3 Keep on creating stuff!

Dunso responds:

Yeah man thanks :D

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3.49 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2011
7:50 PM EDT