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Flash Maze Number 927,453

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Author Comments

I know there are lots of these that have been created, but mine isn't that bad. I did put a fair amount of work into it. I don't think it's quiiiite as disappointing as most. I hope you like it :)

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Its not really that bad.

It's very well made.
But it gets boring real quick.

Neiaku responds:

For saying it gets boring real quick you gave it a generous score! :D
Thanks for your time!


I like how you lamp-shaded the fact that this is another flash maze in the title.

The easiest thing to add on is background music. The game has a bit of a minimalist charm to it without the background music, but it would feel more like a game with it. It's worth the trade-off imo, so long as you get good music.

Enjoyed the Mario sound effects as well.

The hitbox of the character was a minor nuisance. The character's head and feet were somewhat allowed to touch obstacles. Not really worth changing at this point, but for future reference I would've preferred a clear idea of what was allowed to touch obstacles (maybe even a different colour scheme for the area of the character that can't touch obstacles).

I liked how individual levels had some uniqueness. It's always a good idea to have a theme in each level (i.e. fire, desert, water, spooky, final level etc.). In the second level the spiral animations reminded me of wind. It would've been cool to have a kind of twister randomly appear and shake the mouse a bit.

So yeah, a few small things could be added on or improved on, but all in all this game was not a waste of my time. Which is more than I can say for a whole bunch of other flash mazes.

Good job, bro.

Neiaku responds:

Thanks for the review! :D

Unique when compared to other "Maze flash-games"

But shouldn't credit be given for use of the mario samples?

Idk I could be wrong x.x
Cool game

~Dj Sonik

It was ok

It was good enough. My two main gripes:

Try to improve the graphics, and at least give the character a running animation.

Why did I lose when I clicked? This really annoyed me.

Neiaku responds:

Sorry about the losing when you click situation, but if you click and drag to the end, it would've let you win, so I had to find a fix for it. I see how it's a bit of a drag though