Not Another Maze Game!

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This is my first flash game, I know there is way too many maze games out there... Sorry guys...
Hopefully I'll produce something cooler soon!

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Not too bad for a first try.

I have to say the concept of the game itself is stale, but for your very first game it isn't that bad.

For all you cheaters out there, right-click the start area, move the cursor to the "Finish" area, then click twice.


This game simply lacked content. It can be beat in less than a minute and has only 3 mazes. You can find better games on the back of cereal boxes. The game sucks, end of story.

game well get boring very quickly

well the maze is pretty hard by itself but its too short of a game with only 3 mazes and you can right click to cheat past it.

Not Another Maze Game!

"Not Another Maze Game!" which were my thoughts exactly when I saw this in the flash portal because I knew it would be just another maze game where you just guide you're cursor to the other side and then go the next level. I do know that this is you're first game and it's good that you've completed it, everyone's got to start somewhere, but I don't think it should be on newgrounds, I think you should make a few games more, get experienced with the software and then when you feel your games are good enough to entertain people then release it on newgrounds but don't release a game that's been done literally more than a thousand times before, other than that congratulations on you're first game.

Outdated and hard.

These types of games have been done, hell, done BETTER. Also, the games difficulty is over the top, the music is boring, and the menus are bland.

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2.35 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2011
5:16 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid