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Lizards are where it's at.

I've been planning this flash for ages but never had the time. I wish I could have spent longer on this to make it more detailed but work gets in the way. I wanted to play with animating space and landscapes and sky scapes. I'm pretty much happy with how it came out, though plan to make more animations like this in the future, so feedback would be good fellers! I've already seen some things I'd like to change and I think some of the transitions could be smoother, but if I don't put it up now I never will!

Thanks to OcularNebular for the music: http://www.newgrounds.com /audio/listen/382465



love it keep it up!!!!!!! :)

Lizards and shiny rocks...

So, what are we saying here, Lizards are getting to mars first?

In all seriousness, this was really great!
Simplicity in itself can sometimes be very entertaining.
You have proven this.

Thanks for the animation!

5/5 10/10

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I just heavily enjoyed the simplicity of this actually. I did not understand much at the start until I saw the pink rock. The lizard looked rather happy to see itself in the reflecting and then tasting it causing a chain reaction which has things end on a much happier note as well.

The animation was rather well actually. I found this to be a most wonderful piece with great shading and all. The lizard and aliens were nicely done too. I am going to guess the marks on their head are there because that's what symbol the stone gave them when it came back and thus they wished to meet the creature and befriend it.

The music was actually rather fitting and a very nice choice to go with this piece as it had a dreamy space feel to it too. The ending and the song made you smile a bit too since I guess the aliens were happy and the gecko was happy to have a friend at last.

Overall, very creative, neat, tidy piece that was amazing. On a side note, I rarely ever give 10s to anything unless I just thought it was excellent and surpassing in some way. Nice piece of work. Pink rock was cool.

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It's like meth, but cute.

Non-sentient lizards making intergalactic contact with aliens isn't normal. But on Newgrounds.com it is.

Newgrounds.com Not Even Once.

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very good!

what made me like this was the expressions you drew! I liked the creatures smile VERY CUTE!

5/5 10/10

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