knife training

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30 hours of work for 3 second loop (animated illustration? .-.), but looks pretty good :)
Guys, tell me, if you like it or not, or what to improve.

Maybe I'll use her for something longer...or just in demo reel...


I would like to say

good animation but (in my opinion) it could have been much more realistic if you would have added a couple of counter movement.

Also she turns her back to give a kick, this is not something you want to do when you confront an enemy head to head, even if it's empty space your facing.

1 more little thing all her movement seems a bit too circular and easy to read.

I realise all the little detailes I mentioned are most of the time in movies as well -_-
But overall you got something good right there dude keep going.

Gekon responds:

I don't understand...
' it could have been much more realistic if you would have added a couple of counter movement.'
' more little thing all her movement seems a bit too circular and easy to read.'

nice but

i do not know mutch of animation, but i know of knie fighting.

she has a seemingly good tecnique, but in stead of the punch in the end i would do a fash cut in chest hight and a thrust and rip in gut hight

else it is a good animation and good fightning style :D


vote was based on duration

the animation is awesome, one of the main problems with animating shit is that it takes too much fucking time, i wish it wasnt like that

if you worked 24/7 you could have a short fighting animation :D thats why animators are so keen on time saving cheats

only missing thing to make it look super-anime is shading, i know you tried something with gradients but that just doesnt cut it, you need to fbf the shading too, yhea its a pain in the ass

also a suggestion: use it as the intro for your future animations, like your signature or something. you can call your stuff sexy ninja productions or knife kunoichi studio lol

Gekon responds:

I hate anime... I suppose you don't know who Milt Kahl, Ollie Johnston or Ralph Bakshi was?

Things I would improve:

+The model could use some light shading as the contrast on her is completely flat. You can improve this by adding shadows to detail contours on her body.

+There's a couple of frames where you see the bottom part of her leg as a stump in the loop. You can can fix this by drawing the leg a bit more or adding a dynamic camera that'll frame that out.

+The part where she jumps and kicks is clearly slow-motiony but the effect is loss when the bg keeps scrolling at the same speed behind her. You can fix this by slowing (easing) the background when she jumps and kicks mid-air.

+Just a thought, you can really enhance this spin and chaos in the screen by having particles in the foreground and mid background. For example, the particles could be stars in the background that scroll slightly slower than the purple clouds--or sakura leaves flowing fast in the absolute foreground and slightly more slowly just behind the fighter.

+last note, if you added a dynamic camera pov, you could shake the view a bit upon each impact to emphasize it a bit more.


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Gekon responds:

oh yes, there was a background that gave it more 'camera dynamic' look, but with all blurs and gradients my PC couldn't handle that ;/
by the way, the cloud in the background has a blur filter too, but it seems that it doesn't work? anybody got any hints about this?

This is just nice...

30 hours of this...
You put a lot of work into this.
You made a nice animation!

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Aug 13, 2011
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