knife training

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30 hours of work for 3 second loop (animated illustration? .-.), but looks pretty good :)
Guys, tell me, if you like it or not, or what to improve.

Maybe I'll use her for something longer...or just in demo reel...


Nice loop.

For a simple test animation, this is much better than what I can do right now. Judging from your signup date, I see where you're coming from: I signed up here in 2001, got flash in 2004, a tablet in 2005, and have been doing artistic studies since 2008. Now, on with the review...

When it comes to animation, it's a lot harder to animate a figure drawing than let's say, a flour sack, without it looking stilted and awkward. (Even with a rotoscope, it ain't easy.) However, what you have done is excellent, there aren't any mistakes in the proportions or the anatomy. Plus, I like your color selection. On the other hand, while I did like the use of blur effects, next time, I suggest you cut back on the filters because if used too much, they result in major lag. In addition, the lack of lighting on the woman clashes with the dark background.
I bet if you teamed up who lacks your drawing and animation skills, but knows a thing or two about storywriting/direction/etc., you'll be top dog in no time. (I know quite a few who can use your talent.)

What I liked about this:
-Excellent animation with nice colors

What I didn't like:
-The fact that this was a test
-The woman could have used some shadows, but since those individual drawings have volume and structure; I won't knock you down.

Overall: I usually keep my animation tests off of the portal and in my file dump, but personal preference won't stop me from giving you a nine out of ten. In other words, that day and six hours paid off quite well.

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pretty good

now make a epic animation that reflex the same quality of work i m it will worth it

Gekon responds:

pay me 20 000 USD and it's done

nice loop bro

Looks pretty great man, you dont have to improve besides the length and a longer animation :D
It will be very promising if you get a little project.
This may be a loop but the hours you put in to this is worthwhile and should be appreciated. People who don't like this or acts like a complete ass, I would like to say if they can do something like this.

Good job hope to see more of your work :P


I don't expect you to be a martial art master, the animation was fluid and was detailed enough for a fight scene. I am a martial artist, and fighting usually doesn't last longer than 4-6 minutes in an extended skirmish if you plan on doing a flash film. For close reach melee weapons, such as a knife, a feint, an unbalanced kick, or an ambush is usually the preferred entering move; whereas with a long reach melee weapon, such as a staff, a disarming blow or a blow which will deliver damage to a joint is preferred. Most people using a short reaching melee weapon would be wearing an armlet or something to keep the attacking limb from being harmed. Leather armor coated in beeswax was the preferred foot-pad's armor because of the cheap cost and resistance to slashing or grazing blows. Also, if this girl is a thief, she should have grey or black hair. A common trick of thieves is to use ash or dark dyes to color their hair, as to wash them out and be unnoticed later.

Also, you get major bonus points because this reminds me of the old early 90's late 80's Thunder-cats and He-Man cartoons. :-]

10/10, 4/5 (Only reason you get a 4 and not a five is because their isn't a visible ground to see the footwork, which is a bitch to get right, and the shadowing was just a touch too light. Fuck anime, but look some artistic elements from early animators; i.e, Disney Studios in Cali. You would be surprised what Walt Disney could do with a shading, and a good story.)

Ah i should have read the discription!!

Brutal i thought it was the loading screen, and i was expecting something epic, but i see i was wrong.

anyway nice animation, you show much promise.

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Aug 13, 2011
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